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07-17-2011, 12:29 PM
As long as I've owned it, my 2004 RSVR has been slowly loosing coolant, and I have finally found the source. The upper right side of the radiator tank is weeping coolant from about 4 or tiny points (that I can see--there may be more.)

I ran the bike up to 205 degs F (fan initiation temp) and there was no spraying of fluid from the "holes" or even increased rate of seepage. Indeed, there seemed to be less leakage when the thing was hot. (Probably an explanation for that, though I'm not sure what it could be.)

Anyways, my guess is these leaks are not so much holes as devious little paths through the aluminum--porousness, as I say.

I suppose there is little point in trying to braze the tank, since it looks like the whole thing--or large portions of it--may be badly cast. (Is it cast?)

The only in-service cause I can think of for such damage would be use of a coolant incompatible with aluminum. But I don't think there has been any such on the market for a long time, no?

Any other reasons for such a problem, other than manufacturing defect?

Is this common? (I've run a search and haven't found anything that would indicates this is a frequent problem area with this model and year.)

And are new replacement radiators prone to the same issues? I'd hate to spend $170 on a new part only to have it leak the same way.



Mille Racer 69
07-17-2011, 12:57 PM
I have had 3 rsv's, never had any problem with leaky radiators.
In fact, I would argue they are well made.
My neighbor of last year backed into my bike knocking it down
Onto the edge of the curb and the corner of the curb made a huge
Indent in the top of my radiator and still no leaks or overheating issues.
It has been like that for a year now.

07-17-2011, 02:53 PM
Not had a leak but on a cold day I notice water vapour settling around the gap between tank and the frame on the right hand side - i have put it down to vapour escaping out of the vent bottle. thats the only way I can see where it can get out. Not had any leaks.