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06-01-2011, 08:01 PM
Be careful if you decide to do anything with Rt 80! Extremely twisty! Not that wide either... But the pavement was pretty good, and the areas before and after are very rolling.
Short ride report:

Down -
Pretty straight forward and quick... Get into Ohio and head south to the bridge back into St. Marys, WV. Get onto 77 and head south to Charleston. Took 119 out of Charleston, WV and down into Kentucky. Lots of rolling highway with nice hills. 119 turns into 23 thru KY and gets us into VA quickly. You'll hit a lot of places with the word "Gap" in the name.. Usually some nice scenery to be had. Big Stone Gap was no exception. We weren't sure how long it was to the hotel, so we kept on 23 to Kingsport. Our room was about 15 minutes away.. Not bad. Just in time for the walk to Cracker Barrel for dinner.

UP -
We started in Kingsport and left around 9-9:30, heading up 81. Caught rt80 after a bit and rode it up and over the mountain (almost got caught out by some gravel in a turn), but debris on the rode was minimal. More chipmonks than anything.
Rt 19 was a nice road (Trail of the Lonesome Pine is the name of the road I believe), and we made some time on it. I would like to go back and take more "old" 19, when we have more time. We tried to stay on the older roads when time permitted.
Got into Beckley, WV and stopped at a Subway for our usual $5/foot long. We continued up 19 for a while and hit a bit of stop and go traffic thru their car dealer/shopping mall area. (note to self : look for an earlier entry to rt16).
Found an "on" to 16 and followed it a ways till we felt like stretching the legs. Saw a sign for Hawks Nest Park and decided to stop there. It was about 2 miles off of rt 16. Nice view (pic above with bridge and river). Hopped back on the Breva and headed back on 16........and out of the corner of my eye, I happened to glimpse the waterfall. It is Cathedral Falls I think...and it was about 50 feet from the road. Nice and cool there.
Anywho.....back on 16 heading north... I think the remainder of 16 up to St. Marys was about another 2 and a half hours of decent roads with some farm land and twisties(a lot of the uphill variety).
We crossed the river from St. Marys and headed north on 7 for another hour and a half to reach good ole Weirton(back on the WV side of the river and 10 minutes below New Cumberland).
830 miles for the weekend... And about 420 of that on Monday..
Not too many pics, but a lot of seat time!

06-01-2011, 08:08 PM
Sounds like a great trip. I love VA and WV roads. If you're feeling bored, would you mind posting a google map image of the basic route? I'm curious to see what it looks like.

06-01-2011, 08:25 PM
See if this works.. This was the route back home.
Never tried posting a link to a map. Might be better to zoom in and see some detail of twisties though. Like rt 80 across the green zone.....or rt 16 up into the middle of WV.


* down was pretty staight forward. Too much 4 lane!

06-01-2011, 09:03 PM
Nice! That section of 16 between Fayetteville and Grantsville looks like a blast.