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01-04-2011, 09:04 PM
Yesterday i had real big problems with my bike it wouldnt rev from idle unless u pin the throttle back for 5 secs and then all of a sudden it starts screaming so i thought it was a carb problem lack of fuel, so i stripped the carb off cleaned it put it back on and started her up fine.

i then took her for a drive around town after a couple laps around i came to a round about i dropped a gear and then she started to die so i pulled over to check the bike over, but as i pulled over she started to release smoke from under the petrol tank and from the exhaust like proper thick grey smoke.

at this point im currently crapping my self as i thought the bike was gonna catch fire and blow sky high but eventually the smoke cleared she wouldnt start off the electric start but seemed to crank very easy like theres no compression so my imediate thoughts where top end had gone.

i managed to bump her but decided to turn her off and roll her back home since i was only 5 mins from home and it was down hill, i left her for the night and decided to take the engine out and strip it down.

im still currently stripping the engine and havnt even split the cases fully yett and already ive come across some worries and problems but no reason why it smoked like it did.

heres a step by step of my inspection when stripping enjoy:

As you can see the bore is in brilliant condition.
Does anyone know why my piston has burnt oil residue under below the piston rings :S
the top of the piston looks real dirty and why has the piston rings got a inner red mark?
Looks a little worn should i replace?
Base gasket obviously failed could this be the cause of the smoke?
Im a bit worried now, cause i found this fall out while i was stripping the engine, what could it be also it looks as if my gears have had a good go at grinding it :/
I reckon its part of my gear box :/
atleast these look half decent :D
Dunno if u guys can really see but my Tachodrive gear is missing one of its teeth :s where can i get a replacement?
looks pretty clean to be fair.

01-04-2011, 09:05 PM
I hate flywheel nuts end of haaaa, got it off in the end hehe.
Pretty sure that that plate thing ant ment to be there and also there ant ment to be a massive chunck of flywheel missing :s wtf has my engine done?
Guessing this is part of the magnito and its come off and attacked my fly wheel?
Have i got a wire missing? because there seems to be a spare connection there :S
Very worn.
Is this where that plate in my flywheel came from?
I swear im missing a connection :s
Small crack in the maginito plate thingy.
Case wants to split but im having troubles getting the gear shifter off and the clutch basket :S FFS
Looks like a new clutch is in order me thinks.
Why is there burnt oil beneath the piston rings :S
When moving the engine i found this rod and i dont know where the hell it came from any clues :S
Clutch springs :D

So far ive found alot of issues with the bottom end and if i was to be really onest i dont think this engine has ever had a bottom end rebuild in its life.

I do have a couple questions, can i use a airgun to remove the clutch basket or do i need a clutch basket tool?

does anyone have a clue what that metal shard could be from im sure ill find out when i open up the case but until then anybody know?

Where can i get a tachodrive gear from as mines missing a tooth?

are my piston rings worn? cause i dont think they are but im guessing that burn oil mark beneath the piston rings says different?

Lastly where the hell has that metal rod come from?

thanks for reading and viewing my pictures :D

01-04-2011, 09:18 PM
Oh shit...

Dude that Rod is the Pushrod for the Clutch, but since that just dropped out with out you knowing where it came from i bet you lost the ball bearing that was between that rod and the other part of the pushrod...

Flywheel is a gonner, and yeah that square plate came from the Stator
Could have been to much play on the Flywheel side of the Crank.

Pistonrings always leak a little but yours look like there worn out (or the barrel is) and i see marking on both so you need a new Cilinderkit anyway.

Also a new set of Clutch Plates and Clutch springs might be a really good idea.

Clutch Basket and all the gears etc etc. on that side have to come off before you even attempt to split the engine.

And that little unknow mettal bit looks like its the end of something like a Footpeg or lever or maybe its wat is left of an Engine Nut with a rounded of top.

01-04-2011, 09:27 PM
So list of parts as of now:

Top End
New gaskets
New Clutch

I cant see no ball bearings anywhere in my room ill check again tho is that push rod gonna be exspensive to fix?

Does any of this explain my lack of power and why it started smoking like a Ciguar :s

Its gonna be a while before im back on road this is sounding expensive :/

have u got a picture of where the push rod is ment to go? btw ive found 1 ball bearing thats all

another thing i just fitting my piston into my cylinder and its a very tight fit it dont fall out i actually have to push it down and back up? i thought if the rings or piston are worn the piston falls out when u do this

01-05-2011, 05:35 AM
Looks like it could be expensive. Would you not be better off trying to find a good engine from e bay or a Aprilia Breakers. What mileage has you bike done ?

01-05-2011, 11:15 AM
Bike has done around 30,000 on the clocks.

Btw just started a new thread in off topic for the sale of the engine parts as im buying a new engine thats done 1000 miles then the bike was written off only 175 from my mate rich haa and also i might be working for him in the spring time on saturdays

Please help me sell these engine parts as i need to make another 150 for the new engine :D

01-05-2011, 11:27 AM
Could you not see if you could have the engine then work off the bill with jobs or in labour. That way it gets you up and running. Engine sounds like a mint one. Hope your lucky with that one.

01-05-2011, 11:51 AM
nah bud i know rich is a awsome guy but money is money and times are tight i might have a job in there in spring but its not a deffo as money is very tight so he may not be able to take me on but u never know, btw i just posted the sale thread in off topic please check it out

01-05-2011, 03:04 PM
has the piece of metal come from one of the alloy casings, it looks like a bolt has been too long and wound all the way through the casing, breaking a piece off... is it alloy?

01-05-2011, 03:06 PM
im not sure tbh is there anyway i could tell? its very light the crank cases are in the garage and are being split tomoz so im sure i will fine out tomoz what its come from i suppose in the mean time i need to raise 150 :/

01-05-2011, 03:09 PM
Its just a Single Ball Bearing that between the Rod, i really sugest you look at the Manual mate, than you avoid loosing parts also.

btw, you should never ever leave a Motherboard exposed like that...
Static Electricity that your Body (and other things in your room like carboard boxes...)generates can easly damadge unshielded electronical components 50cm away.

The lightes Static shock/pricle a human can feel is already more than 5000 volts, and you can easly carrie 50.000 volts with you.

Next time put the Motherboard in an ESD shielded bag, for this one its to late, though it might still work "fine"at first after a while is gonna act up as the damadged cicuits etc start to burn further away.

01-05-2011, 03:11 PM
its broken anyways patrick both of them are :D