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Jon / AF1 Racing
03-20-2004, 01:40 AM
Well I guess I will throw my race report out there since I made this forum. I was a computer science major for a reason, so excuse my poor story telling skills

This was the second round of the 2004 CMRA season. The first round was at Oak Hill raceway in beautiful Henderson Texas. This track is a tight 1.8 mile course commonly refered to as a goat trail. It was made to be a shifter cart track, and is very narrow and "well used". This is the coolest and most unique track we ride. They will also rent the track to you all day for $50, even if you are the only one to show.

Race 1 of the season was my first race on my RS250. Previously I have ridden three total track days on the 250, and otherwise only a RS50 and YSR50 on the track. The 250 was really quite natural to get used to, and very easy to ride fast. I decided to enter four total sprint races each event in addition to running endurance on the RS50. Most of the competition consisted of a Hawk 650 with extensive mods, SV650's in various states of tune, and other RS250s. I ended the weekend with a 1st, 2nd, and two 4ths. All together it was a good weekend.

Race 2 of the season was at Texas World Speedway. This track is a very fun 2.9 mile couse that is built partly on the infield, and partly out of the oval of an abandoned Nascar track in College Station, Texas. This is a very fast and exciting track. The forcast basically looked horrible for the entire weekend, everybody bought, stole, or borrowed rain tires for the event. Fortunately Saturday and Sunday only looked dark and dreary, and we recieved no rain.

I rode in the same 4 races that I signed up for at Oak Hill. I was able to get half a track day in on Friday, which really helped me get to know the track at a race pace. Saturday I decided not to practice because it was very humid and wet from the night before, and practice was at 8:00. We hung around all day watching the mini sprints and big bike endurance. There were some good results in the mini sprints, with AF1 Racing built motorcycles finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the AF1 Racing Formula 5 mini class. We also had some AF1 Racing built bikes finish 1st and 2nd in the Formula 6 mini race.

Sunday morning the track was dry, and I hit both sessions of practice. I was joined by Greg LeClair on a AF1 supported RS250 as well as Bill Erzal on another AF1 Racing RS250. Morning session was good, just enough time to warm up to the track.

Fortunately due to all my top 5 finishes at Oak Hill, my grid position at TWS was 1st or 2nd row. I had some good starts in all my races and rode well for each of my races. I never felt out of my comfort zone, and didn't push it to hard to make up for a poorly executed turn. I ended up taking first place in each of the four races I ran. Each of our other AF1 Racing riders, and other RS250 riders, ran good races and did the Aprilia name justice. I hope they will each chime in for a race report. We definitely showed that the RS250 can show the SV a thing or two.

The weekend was a blast. I feel like my bike is finally close to where I want it. My goals are to add a set of woodcraft 3-piece pedals, 4 pad brembo calipers, a thumb brake, lightened or floater rear rotor, rear shock, possibly front axis rotors, convert to pre-mix, higher compression kit heads, the psi big-air carbs, a general lightening of the bike everywhere possible, a few other tricks and tweaks to optimize the bike, and if I were dreaming, first and foremost I would add a nice set of Marchisini wheels.

My suspension was set up rather well mechanically, and I feel I only need to work on the fine tweaking of the rebound and compression front and rear. The bike showed to have plenty of power still, with around 800 miles on the stock motor. Brakes were great as always, but I would prefer to have some more rear brake. Meanwhile I also need to work on lightening and optimizing myself, as a bike is only as good as it's rider.

All together it was an awesome weekend, and I am totally hooked.

Jet City Racer
03-20-2004, 02:01 AM
Great job Jon!

Glad I am not feeling any pressure to put my bike on the box.

So far Aprilia riders are: :plus: :banana:

03-21-2004, 12:36 AM
Jon – great report; last weekend was definitely a riot. Here’s my report:

Despite the forecasted 70% chance for rain all weekend, it never really rained. It was good to be racing at TWS again - for the first time this year. This is my favorite stop of the 4 tracks we race.

The bike ran great in practice. It was also nice NOT to race the endurance on Saturday (I raced on an SV team last year). I spent the extra time and energy focusing on the RS and just relaxing.

Ran 4 races on Sunday and finished on the podium twice:
• Race 5: LW Twins Exp – 3rd place
• Race 18: Formula CMRA 2nd place

The bike threw the chain during the warmup lap in Race 13, D- Superbike so I ended up DNS. Anyway I raced well, won some contingency $$ and didn’t crash and so I came away feeling pretty damn good. The bike ran great all weekend and I feel like I rode pretty well. The wide open straight-aways at TWS have claimed a few motors over the years. The bike’s putting out strong, reliable horsepower; I ran it wide-open all weekend with no problems.

A huge CONGRATS to AF1’s Jon Francis for kicking ASS in his races last weekend. Jon is a bona-fide fast guy- we’ll be seeing him in Experts next year. Both Jon and I did kick some SV ass this weekend. Here’s the overall finish of race #5, LW Twins. Lots of SV’s finished behind us - it does show the RS 250 is competitive against that bike even at a big, fast track like TWS.

1 208 Jason Pirtle Suz SV650 1 LT Ex
2 113 Scott Levine Suz SV650 2 LT Ex
3 25 Bill Erzal Apr RS250 3 LT Ex
4 175 Jon Francis Apr RS250 1 LT Am
5 820 Chris Romeo Suz SV650 2 LT Am
6 423 Nathan Weber Suz SV650 3 LT Am
7 276 Ross Stevons Suz SV650 4 LT Am
8 808 Dirk Anderson Suz SV650 5 LT Am
9 665 Mark Price Hon Hawk 6 LT Am
10 18 Michael Humphries Apr RS250 4 LT Ex
11 213 Dane Westby Suz SV650 7 LT Am
12 219 JR Lopez Hon RS125 5 LT Ex
13 730 Rodney Barkalow BUE XB12R 8 LT Am
14 155 Miki Espiritu Apr RS250 6 LT Ex
15 68 Dustin Dominguez Suz SV650 7 LT Ex
16 10 Jon Weems Suz SV650 8 LT Ex
17 325 Chris Corder Suz SV650 9 LT Am
18 165 Toby Leslie Bue XB9R 10 LT Am
19 103 Greg LeClair Apr RS250 11 LT Am
20 119 Mark Godfrey Bue XB9R 12 LT Am
21 290 Daryl Tcshoepe Suz SV650 13 LT Am
22 256 Les Banta Suz SV650 14 LT Am
23 381 Robin Reeves Suz SV650 9 LT Ex
24 203 Rick Wagner Suz SV650 15 LT Am
25 185 Cathy White Suz SV650 16 LT Am
26 918 Crystal King Suz SV650 17 LT Am
27 102 Daniel Sinclair Ducati 750 10 LT Ex
28 600 Chase Vivion Suz SV650 LT Ex
29 3 Eric Falt Suz SV650 LT Ex
30 501 Ben Ancira Apr RS250 LT Am
31 500 Robin Hodson Suz SV650 LT Am
32 243 Frank Newman Suz SV650 LT Am

Thanks again to Ed, Micah, Jon and the whole AF1 crew for all the support. We’re having a blast so far this year – looking forward to next round back at Oak Hill (goat trail).

Cheers, Bill Erzal
CMRA #25 Exp.

Here are some pics from last weekend’s race:

03-21-2004, 02:41 PM
Great to hear, guys! Sounds like Jon is ripping. He would probably go a lot faster if he would ditch those 1982 Teknic boots with the laces.... :D

Glad it did not rain on you guys. Hopefully see you down there this year sometime. Or you guys can bring them RS250's out here to stir up the pot at my track.

Great results, especially with that list of a grid you put up. Lot of traffic to battle with, especially those SV's. Keep those race reports coming. Sucks about throwing a chain, Bill.

Hopefully see you guys soon.

Jon / AF1 Racing
03-21-2004, 09:19 PM
Dude what about my 1970's leisure suit leathers? I bought them from someone who bought them used, and that was 5-6 years ago... I need a full gear upgrade (minus helmet and gloves). Anyone want to sponser my gear?


03-22-2004, 11:55 AM
Damn Jon
I thought you had more seat time on that 250
Sounds like your a natural already with that thing.

03-22-2004, 01:06 PM
Hey Jon, Bill....great race reports.

I'm no writer either but I thought I'd chime in on how my weekend went. Racing wise, it wasn't fun. At our first race weekend at Oak Hill I was beginning to think my bike was down on power, but I hadn't ridden in so long I thought maybe I was just rusty. At the TWS track day the Friday before the race, I got Jon to drag race me on the front straight...it wasn't pretty. While I held it pinned wide open, Jon was pulling up beside me, letting off, then pulling up to me again....several times. Hmmm....something's not right.

Jon helped me change the jets on Saturday, but there wasn't much difference. Needless to say, the races were a bit frustrating....I was pushing it as hard as I could in the twisties then just get smoked on the straights....even the short ones. I never could get a decent lap time...I was pretty frustrated.

I love the fact that these guys have that dyno at the shop, though....when we got back, we ran it, and sure enough, it's like 10HP down. I'm just gonna leave it in AF1's capable hands and say "make it go".

Bike problems aside, I had a blast over the weekend, as I usually do. It’s great getting together with the crowd, talking bikes, and tossing back a few. It think the free keg on Saturday night was an especially nice touch….just what we needed to get the evening started. Mexican food at Los Cucos (or whatever it is) with the gang has always proved to be a rowdy good time. I’m pretty sure we are close to being banned from there.

Can’t wait for the next race.

CMRA #103

03-22-2004, 01:31 PM
Was Jayme trying to pick up on the cute Lebanese waitress at the Mexican food place again? You guys better not get us banned, I am itching for another meal there after some good riding. $1.50 margaritas still?

Sorry about your bike, Greg. I wonder what the deal is? Keep us posted with your next race report on what changes were made, I rarely float over to the RS250 section of the forum. (I start wanting one if I read too much)

Sounds like you guys are having fun. Man I need to do some CMRA events.

Jon- keep the leisure suit dude! The guys with the old leathers are always the ones to watch out for on the track. But those boots have got to go. I have a decent connect for some gear if you want to upgrade, but I am sure you guys have a few connects of your own. I think you just like proving a point with the old garage store gear. :p:

Jet City Racer
03-22-2004, 02:48 PM
<Jon- keep the leisure suit dude! The guys with the old leathers are always the ones to watch out for on the track. But those boots have got to go.>

Does that mean I should get rid of my white "Staying Alive" AlpineStars?:D

03-22-2004, 02:52 PM
Yeah, man....believe it or not we got the same waitress. I do think Jayme wanted to touch her. Needless to say she remembered us. :rolleyes:

Come on down for a CMRA event...it would be a blast.

03-22-2004, 03:11 PM
Here's Jon, striking a thoughtful pose in the fancy leathers.

03-22-2004, 03:38 PM
Sweet! Same waitress that Jayme told had a nice hot (metal food dispensing) box. Yeah, I say one more post-race trip there and then you guys are getting the boot.

I wonder if she asked about me? :rolleyes:

Does anyone else think that Jon looks like Michelangelo's David (gone racing) in that photo?

03-22-2004, 03:41 PM
By the way, jet city- I wouldnt change a thing if I had some umbrella girls like that. Where did you order those "staying alive" leathers?- they are obviously pimping


03-23-2004, 12:37 AM
remember decals add at least 5hp, i haven't forgot about the af1 crew

03-25-2004, 01:15 AM
Michelangelo's David; thats rich. Oh and Jayme certainly does have a way with words. My favorite has to be the one where he tells the model at the shop if she need a "nipple fluffer". Dude, I don't think I could get away with that.

Hey Greg, I need your email man. I've been sitting on these pictures from Lonestar trackdays. Most of the ones that I took of you turned out pretty good.