View Full Version : 1998 rs50

11-09-2010, 09:59 PM
hii ive got an rs50 1998 Rossi. but yeah u crashed it after spending close to a thousand pounds on it in the 7 months i had it on the road, im the second owner and its been in my family since the week it was bought from the shop 12 years ago. but im fucking sick of it atm,i love it its amazing to ride etc, but when im on my 4th barrel and piston because of stupid oil pumps and shitty oil gettin clogged up etc im kinda skint, anyway my original engien was giving me 75 mph beleive it or not and i dont know where the hell it was pulling it from, only mad mod other than jetting and derestricting my exhaust was the stupidly big filter on the carb, used an old induction kit for my fiesta on it. but yeah put the gearbox through the casing.... second engine hmm fitted 2004 engine and zorst, but got absolutely nothign out the thing, 40 mph pushing it and eventually it got to the stage it only run if you had the throttle wide open but as soon as it decided to cut out tht was you waiting till it was in a good mood agen then it would try to go again but needing to be full throttle with the revs touching the sky (I) have no idea what was wrong but i gave up on it and put it in the shed till now i want it back so if anyone can help id appreciate it, anyway al start a thread on it as its gettin an overhaul lol