View Full Version : service icon shut off

Johnny Ringo
03-07-2004, 03:18 AM
How do i get the service icon to go away?
The instructions in the manual arent working.

03-07-2004, 03:26 AM
It's helpful to get someone else to assist:
Press + and - buttons together and hold in. Switch on ignition. Wait 15 secs minimum. Switch off ignition (still holding in buttons). Switch ignition back on. Wait until light goes out...the manual is not quite accurate !

Johnny Ringo
03-07-2004, 03:35 AM
I will try that in the morning.

03-07-2004, 05:09 AM
All I had to do was hold the + and - down together, turn the key on with the buttons still pressed. After 20 seconds the light went off.


Johnny Ringo
03-07-2004, 11:44 AM
Thanks V5RCB, your method worked on the first try.:peace: