View Full Version : Help, please....any photo shop pros?

04-16-2010, 05:55 PM
got a high-quality problem....just bought the 2008 KWS 1060 Tuono Factory (thaks Chip!) and am need to decide how to combine it with the 2007.5 Diablo Black Tuono R i've got now to best effect.

goal one is to have an awesome looking, one-off tuono with big power and great suspension.
goal two is to get the most cash out of the bike i decide to sell and the extra parts to be sold seperately.

photos of the bikes as they sit now are attached.

LOVE the look of the black 07.5 now....gold o.z.'s, gold full-adjust ohlins, gold pazzos, lots of flat black. it's also got ohlins internals in the stock forks and the gloss black tubes look good with the flat black. overall, looks classy and mean to me at the same time.

also love the lion tank on the Factory. not sure about the gold frame....have to see it in person, i guess. not sure about the white o.z.'s either. looks clean and very cool, not sure it's for me as i haven't seen it in person yet.

what do you think about swapping the matte black upper fairing, tank, seat, tail to the Factory....keeping the carbon fenders, guards, ohlins forks on it? not sure how that would look. i'd swap the 520 gearing, rearsets, levers, shock, etc too.

that would leave the Factory upper bodywork on the current bike with silver frame, swap on the blue cast wheels, stock sachs shock, stock mufflers and have a 5k-mile bike with some factory bodywork on it to sell.

can someone help with photo shopping what these two bikes would look like? i've never played with photo shop and my computer skills are lame. not sure how to repay the effort....maybe first crack at bike for sale or parts?

willd have factory ohlins shock, scorpion cans, white o.z.'s and some other extra parts to unload, which should make it fairly easy to recoup some funds from the huge whole i just dug for myself.

if anyone is interested in the 07.5 let me know so we can get it set up the way you want it.

thank you!!

04-17-2010, 07:23 AM
My opinion:

1) Swap wheels.
2) Send swingarm and subframe of Factory to good powdercoater for coat of gold.

That's about it. Keep it simple.

04-17-2010, 09:49 AM
thanks, Dustin. hadn't considered that. got a friend with a powder coating business in town too. if i do that it may be a winter project thing as my main idea is to get the bikes set up and ride one and sell one asap.