View Full Version : some surprising break in observations

07-21-2009, 01:17 PM
Our Mana has just over 400 miles on it now and is being broken in with short hops solo and double in the 85-95 degree heat of Florida in the summer. During the last 100 to 200 miles some good things have happened.

At 200 miles we had the weeping from the oil filter and sensor and it had run across the bottom of the crankcase. I cleaned the area at the time and just looked at it today with 400 miles and every thing is totally dry even though the last 200 miles were in traffic and heat the same as the first 200.
even though my butt dyno is not very accurate it is unmistakeable that the bike has picked up a lot of torque and peppiness since new and the engine which had a little bit of a clucking noise when cold has all but dissapeared.
I attribute all of the above to rings seating in and crankcase pressures going down.

The front brakes have bedded in almost too good after the first 150 miles and the rear brake which seemed particularly weak finally started acting about right in the last 50 miles or so because I used it a bit more in the last 100 miles hoping it might bed in.
A lot of road tests have squawked about the brakes and it makes me wonder how many of those tests were done on brand new bikes?

So , I'm very happy with this bike all the way around !!!