View Full Version : RXV meltdown - lost coolant

07-20-2009, 03:35 PM
Hello all, I have an 07 RXV 450. While riding this weekend I had a low speed tip into a hillside and I saw coolant leaking. It was late, extremely hot and I was 12 miles deep into the backcountry. I was worried about being stuck out there so I bee-lined for the closest road while I knew I had a chance. When I was able to get to the road I checked everything out and realized I had pulled the radiators apart seperating the connecting hose/ clips. I felt pretty silly for not realizing it at the time, but I did not see it and I only knew I would be toast if I did not get off the mountain.

Once to a road, I fought the clips and got everything re-connected. I emptied what little water I had left into the radiator. The engine had gotten so hot it melted the plastic mounts of the bash guard. I then had to ride another +25 to get home. Luckily there was a lot of air flow around the engine, but still a long way to go with little water in the radiator.

Aside from updating my tool kit with more hose and better hose clamps and changing all fluids, what else would you recommend to check out? Can a water pump be damaged when no fluid is circulating? The bike seemed to run ok but I was being as careful as possible about revving it. I hope I have not caused major internal damage. Thanks for any recommendations/ advice!