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Dragster pilota
05-11-2009, 03:44 AM
Yes I know it's not an Aprilia and it's a (god forbid) scooter.....

After seeing this YouTube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0fOguL9yT8 I just had to have a go at it!!!! It's a good thing we sell most of The Piaggio Group lineup so I asked our friendly sales rep if I could use one for a couple of weeks and he said yes....

The powerplant is the same as the Mana but without the auto and manual modes, it has smaller wheels, simpler Brembo brakes all around, it has a rear swing arm and a chain drive much unlike all other Maxi Scooters, it weighs in at 245kg (dry) and is HUGE!!! but once on a roll it feels like a much smaller scoot. After spending some time on it on both small country lanes and highways Piaggio Sweden will have to come over here and pry it out of my hands!!! Last summer I had The Mana for some time and fell in love with it and still I think it's the best bike in the world but the GP 800 is another animal, this thing hauls from standing to 150kph like shot out of a cannon, we tested it against the Mana in sport/auto mode and it blew the tank of the Mana, the GP 800 will easily (and comfortably) do 200 and if pushed it will peg the speedo at just past 220kph, I could cruise all day at 170-190kph, just crank up the electrically adjustable fly screen and it's like a train on the highway. On twisty roads it's super smooth and feels so small and nimble, it's unbeleivable, this loooong heavy thing is just soo sweet to ride....



DP says: This thing has proven there's a SuperSportScooter on the market....

Richie C
05-11-2009, 08:58 AM
Wecome to the Dark Side!!!!!:burnout:

05-11-2009, 09:23 PM
I once saw that Suzuki was gonna make a 'sister Gixxer' w/ one of their 'mega-scoots'? Was in a recent RIDER mag. Could've been they were just testing the waters for interest too.

The GP looked much better though....

Dragster pilota
05-12-2009, 02:55 AM
safit07 in da house:
once saw that Suzuki was gonna make a 'sister Gixxer' w/ one of their 'mega-scoots'?

I guess Suzuki is not the only one feeling left behind by the Gilera GP 800, I have seen a Ducati (!?!?!?!) maxi scooter mule and heard that BMW is getting back into scooters after the not so big hit C1 but I have to say that they have a long uphill if they are to whip the GP800. I have driven most of the 2 cylinder maxi scooters like Yamaha T-max, Suzuki Burgman, Honda SilverWing and all of them feel like livingroom couches once you have driven the GP800 "rocketship", I have a hard time beleiving anyone but Ducati to come up with something like this...

Last night I took the Mana 850 home just to compare and where I'll be doing 140-150 with the GP 800 I only feel comfortable around 120 with the Mana, the loooong wheelbase of the GP800 makes it feel more like a train than a scoot and it soaks up uneven road like a spunge, on the other hand it does not handle corners as crisply as the Mana but I still think I'll have the GP 800, if I could whis I would like it with the Mana's shift function and choice of Sport/Auto mode as well and while wishing a Malossi Multivar, Delta Clutch and the Arrow/Malossi exhaust then it's just right....

DP says: Killer scoot!!!!!

05-12-2009, 09:40 AM
The BMW scoot is being made by Kymco. In Taiwan.

Dragster pilota
05-12-2009, 11:52 AM
ritchj in da house:
The BMW scoot is being made by Kymco. In Taiwan

Yeaa one of them, one verry special BMW scoot will most likely be built alongside the BMW S1000R in the Berlin factory but that's a well kept (untill now) secret.....

DP says: Not only inside connections at Piaggio but also at BMW....