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04-06-2009, 06:24 PM
Hello all,

I have just spent three days with my RXV on tight single tracks, average of 65-75 miles a day.

Well I can say that the RXV is a stout machine in so many areas, able to accept being thrown down many hills.

But it accepts super tight, rocky, steep trails, but this takes it toll of my left hand.

So all here are my questions

1. Do I have to change trans oil every day?
2. Do the plates wear out quick
3. Any things I should know about, shortcomings?

Cheers all, :cheers:

04-06-2009, 07:23 PM
I have the rekluse in my YZF 426 woods bike. I have replaced the clutch plates once since I installed it in 04.

1. No you don't need to change the trans oil any more frequently than you did before installation. Try running the Shell Rotella oil Rekluse recommends in the trans. It works well and the 09 bikes use 10/60 oil in the gear box not 75w so it should work in previous year bikes as well.

2. Plates should not wear out prematurely if the clutch is set up properly and you don't over tax it by trying to run too high a gear and slipping the clutch constanlty.

3. Play with the engagement until you find what you like. You may find you like different engagement rates for different riding, wet or dry trails, mx track etc.
Take some time in sand or mud and look at the rear tire and watch for engagement. Until you get used to it you may think the rear tire is spinning and not give it more gas but actually the clutch hasn't reached full engagement.
Don't park the bike facing down a hill, even in gear it will roll.
You can't jump start the bike.
The bike can still have decent compression braking if engagement isn't set to high. If going down a hill and the clutch disengages bucause you hit the rear brake, a little blip will re-engage the clutch and give you compression braking again.
You can use the rear brake as traction control, if it spins up to quickly out of a corner slightly drag the rear brake, this will slip the clutch and keep the revs up.
I don't like the clutch for MX tracks but I also have a heavy fly wheel.

Enjoy your new clutch, it's the greatest thing for tight woods.

04-06-2009, 11:34 PM
So all here are my questions

1. Do I have to change trans oil every day?
2. Do the plates wear out quick
3. Any things I should know about, shortcomings?

1. No
2. No
3. There's a few but I think it's worth the trade off.
A. Can't bump start the bike anymore.
B. You'll forget the bike is in gear, blip the throttle and then look like a complete spode.
C. You'll have to change your riding style a little.
C1.You'll have to pay a little more attention to what gear your in because you'll forget at times.
C2. You'll have to blip the throttle on the downhills to get some compression braking. I've found that in a lot of instances that the compression braking is just a chicken switch :eek:. I let the motor coast and ride the bike like a mountain bike and then nail the gas when I need to. I seem to be much faster at downhills this way. I'm going to figure out which system to modify to get the Rekluse hand brake for the RXV. I think this would suit my riding style better.
D. You'll buy more :bangwall:. I bought 1 for my RXV and now I have 3. 1 in my RXV 550, 1 in my KTM 525XC & 1 in KTM 950 ADV S.

I have to give big props to Cyborg for turning me on to the Rekluse clutches. He's the 1 that convinced me. In return I thought of sending him a bill for half of the cost of the ones I bought:eek:. I think that's fair.:rolleyes: