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03-16-2009, 01:12 PM
Hi to all regular users of this forum, my name`s Simon and I`m from Islay off the west Coast of Scotland. I`ve just bought a 54 plate rs 125 which is really nice, but I have to admit I don`t know much about them. Mine is running really quite good at full chat, but its stuttering really badly at about 5k revs in every gear just where it should be winding onto power. The idle is a bit lumpy and inconsistent as well. Does anyone have any quick checks I can do (I`m used to working with machines as i`m a golf greenkeeper, but I don`t want to just charge in without having a clue) to see if I can get it running through the rev range without spluttering? Any help or directions to links would be much appreciated- these kind of forums provide valuable information for people like me who live on the edge of the world and can`t therefore just take their bike to the local dealer and drop it off! So i`ll be on here a lot! Hopefully i`ll be able to provide you all with some amusement to pay you back for being helpful.