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10-30-2008, 11:42 PM
Hi Guys.

I am looking adapting a set of the latest model RS125 clocks for my project bike. I have two second hand sets in my hands and a copy of the RS125 wiring diagrams, but what I need to know is which pins are which on the actual part. The pins are identified by number on the wiring diagram but there are no identification marks on the actual clocks. I want to run some tests on the clocks before I hook them up to make sure they are working OK and to calibrate the temp readout as it is only a bar graph.

So, if someone can help me out with either a colour pic that shows the connector plugged into the clocks showing the individual wires (I can then match up the colour codes on the wiring diagram with the picture to identify the pins) or can do a sketch of the connector showing the pin assignments I would really appreciate it.