View Full Version : zuma crankshaft rebuild?

09-07-2008, 09:10 PM
i need some info on how to rebuild a zuma crankshaft.
basically how to separate it. i need to replace the bearing for the rod.
i have a service manual but it has no info on it. it looks like a pressed in. but i don't know how to make sure the 2 halves are true when i put it back together.
if you have a link to any info that would be great too.

09-22-2008, 10:12 PM
Check out provoscooters forum and possibly zumaforums.net
Might have info there. If not you can check out http://forum.scooterforum.net/index.php?scooter

They have a section for english. Lots of people there with the same motor that rebuild them.

BTW I'm not sure if you can rebuild a zuma crankshaft or replace the rod bearing. Many of the small scooters have cranks that you have to replace not rebuild. You can find plenty of aftermarket cranks out there. LIke MHR or Polini. If you are doing a full tear down, you might as well replace the outer crank bearings that press into the case, and you will need new seals too.

Another option, look for a used ZUma engine. just make sure it's the right one for your year scooter, either upright or horizontal. You might find a used engine with a good bottom end but blown top end.