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12-22-2003, 04:33 AM
Hi Guys,

This is my first post and Ihave just brought my first bike. A SR50 ditech brand spanky new. (02 model from reading on this forum) I have some questions for all of you. What safety gear should i ride with? Should I buy a bike jacket to ride around with? What would be the best performance options without going totally nuts? Would a tuned pipe and air filter make any difference or will i need clutch, springs etc? Also anyother brisbane aprilia riders out there?? Thanks in advance.

Cheers Nick :aussie:

12-22-2003, 06:14 AM
Gooday Nick, greetings from down the road on the Gold Coast! Good to have another Aussie doing the right thing and getting a Ditech. So you've got a new '02? Is this your first scooter? Gosh, it's been sitting in the showroom for some time! Who was that from?

I actually bought mine from Scootopia in Brisbane (even though I live on the Coast). It was too good a deal to pass up at the time. '02 model with only 600km's on it, derestricted with genuine Aprilia side stand, rear rack and a Givi top box and I paid around $5,000 for it and I got a great trade on my Honda Dio. I saved something like $500-800 off what it would cost new with those extras. That was a year ago and I've now done nearly 8000kms on it and I still love it! It's great fun, goes well and gets lots of looks!

How much did yours cost? The list price is $4,990 plus on roads, which I think takes it to around $5,500.

I highly recommend Springwood Aprilia. The guys are VERY friendly, well informed and only too happy to help with any request.

I've kept mine stock because aftermarket parts and accessories are not noly hard to get in Australia in the first place, but if anything non-genuine needs repairing or replacing you could be waiiting a while! Imagine if you upgraded to a 70cc kit and needed new rings for it. Not only would it cost a fortune, but you'd be off the road for a while.

A few posts on this board have indicated that tuned pipes on their own don't make much difference. You need to combine the pipe with the correct weight rollers and springs and it's a lot of mucking around as far as I'm concerned.

I can recommend getting the software upgraded to the very latest (Springwood Aprilia have it) as it will allow the motor to rev higher (allowing faster speed downhill or downwind!) and it apparently allows the motor to run hotter to fix any possible idling/rough running problems.

I believe the more gear you wear the safer. A good quality jacket is obviously a must. I can also recommend a flip-front, full-face helmet. I purchased a Zeus 508 new for $250 and it has the safety of a full face , with the benefits of a flip-front. Just love it.

Anyway that's it for now. Happy riding!

12-22-2003, 04:43 PM

Actually brought mine from scootopia as well, really cool guys! Mine was the last one I got it for $600 off. I brought a half face helmet but may go to a full face soon. I will get a riding jacket then. Yes the scooter already has the new software so its more zippy. See yah round.

Cheers Nick :aussie:

12-22-2003, 10:51 PM
Hey Nick! I just got a 02 Ditech as well! Mine had 9kms on it, so I am in the process of breaking it in.

I got a HJC CL-14 full face helmet and Dririder Drimesh Jacket for $550 ($100 off). I was a bit worried about the helmet being too hot in the summer, but it has heaps of air vents so I haven't had a problem.

The jacket is about the only summer jacket you can get over here in Perth. It seemed like the most cooling jacket because it is made of the mesh stuff that lets lots of air through. However, I wore it yesterday in 35 degree heat, and I was sweating my ass off. It also has a wind breaker liner that you can remove. Does a good job a night except when it gets down to about 10 degrees...

I also got some Alpinestars gloves. S-MX 4 I think? Not sure about the "4" part. They're nice gloves, no carbon fibre. In hindsight though, I'd get winter gloves. You don't really want to wear gloves during the day cos it's hot, so just need good ones for night time.

12-23-2003, 12:43 AM
Hi Guys,

Nice to see some aussie SR50 riders around. Looks like i will buy a ful face later on it the year when the temp goes down in brisbane. I am looking into getting some like the dririder jacket. I'm pretty hooked on this riding thing tho! Its hard to get me off the bloody thing!! Look forward to talking to you more.

Cheers Nick :aussie:

12-23-2003, 06:32 AM
So Nick, what made you choose the Ditech? Did you consider any other bikes at Scootopia? They have a large range. I noticed that their website shows them having the new Peugeot JetForce.

Yup, it's hard to get off the Ditech once you've got the bug. It's a damn lot of fun!! I just love the way it tells you it's doing 90 when you're only really doing 75!!

Hey, did Scootopia do the FULL derestriction? Hardware and software? And if so does that mean they have the software upgrade?

That's it for now!

12-23-2003, 04:34 PM
Hi Guys,

I think the underlining fact i brought a ditech rather than anything else is i have to travel along 80kms roads to and from home. I can ride 50CC on a car licence and if I brought a bigger scooter then i would need a motorbike licence and then well i would have just brought a big bike? So the ditech was the only choice really. Its got so many more advanages. Its strange doing 90 and people passing you quite quickly then you think wait I'm not doing 90! And yeah scootopia did a full derestrict on the bike including the software with a gameboy! Which i think is very cool but a little strange! Hope too ask heaps of questions when they arise.

Cheers Nick :aussie: