View Full Version : Whats wrong with my bike it wont start properly

07-15-2008, 09:59 PM
I can't get the bike to start basically... I washed it under moderate pressure from my hose all over, with soap and what not, like usual-- it was running fine this morning- and it'll only start if I twist the throttle 1/4 when I hit the starter, then it idles like shit, and there is no throttle response from 0-50% open it just chuggs like it wants to cut out (and it did a few times) so I can only get 'throttle response' (poor though) above 1/2 open... I think its flooded with water/gas.. it keeps making spark plugs black (obviously from bad combustion)<<this is just now in the past hour traditionally my setup doesnt foul plugs much

i replaced the compressor hose, no leaks, no air leaks anywhere, charged the battery, checked level, level is fine...

so I don't know what to do

I've also been having this problem where the RPM meter stops working (goes down to like 2000 while I'm doing 8000) then when I stop and idle and accelerate again it works. Also it is sort of 'jerky' and not smooth, like there is a bad connection. I can't get that checked till next week because the shop is 'too full'...


07-15-2008, 11:16 PM
check electrical connections. Especially TB, spark plug cable cable to coil. I believe it just pops out. Spray inside each connector on the electrics first some compressed air and then some electrical connection cleaner. High gain might be able to recommend a good product. Fuel, air all of that connection stuff. I believe you got a connector wet and at first the water hadnt quite reached the sensor or connector. Later as it got more humid and steamy the water may have condensed and affected the connection.

High Gain Tuning
07-16-2008, 12:59 AM
Rarely will anything low voltage be affected by water... ECU, sensors etc.

It sounded like one of two things..

Ignition is wet or the rubber air tube coming off the air box got kinked wile wiping it down. Although totally different, they cause the same symptom.

You may want to pick up a can of this:

You can find it at most auto or hardware stores.

It leaves a very good dielectric behind after use which will also repel water from getting back into plug boots etc.

I like Brakleen for initial drying because it has a very good water absorption and evaporation rate.


Can't seem to keep the Brakleen around long though... It's great for toasting ant farms.

07-16-2008, 01:31 AM
hey Mr. Sprinkles,

that whole Karma bit was just sarcasm, or irony.

anyhow. yes, I am new to this forum, but not knew to scooters. I had no idea what an ECU was prior to your reply to my post about race CDI's.

I literally picked up an sr 50 about 2 weeks ago. used, for dirt cheap on craigslist & have not been able to get my hands off of it.

definitely not as complicated to ride as a vintage vespa or lambretta, but technology on these new scooters are a bit different from the old school bikes.

when i ask questions on other forums, there is usually alot of good support & no prejudging or assumptions.

i just felt like you were quite snippy when i asked something & noticed it from other's who posted also.

like you had nothing nice to say, like " you do realize you are in a blah blah forum, dont you?"

or something smug or arrogant.

if i did realize that, would not have asked the question. i wouldn't waste people's time if I knew the answer.

but i didn't know... so i asked.

& so do other's on this forum.

+ I'm not making up any of this crap, you publicly apologized for being off the top with your replies.

so it doesn't matter how many posts i've made.
i'm sure a few years ago you had 12 posts under your belt.

i know you never said, "that is a stupid question"
i never said you did say anything. but you do make people feel like an idiot for asking. sometimes you don;t have to say things in those exact words to make a statement.

some other guy asked about the roller weight cost & you offended him & he had a bad reply back to you. why comment if it rubs people the wrong way?

I know with my vintage bikes & someone asks, where do i get good parts...at the best prices.
i have spreadsheets where i've priced best prices, fastest shipper & quality.

& I share these findings with my fellow scooterist.

bottom line, you said it yourself, you don't want people talking to you like that, so you apologized.

Good words to live by.

I do hope your bike starts. i think it is a simple moisture issue.

best of luck.
& if you are ever in Texas & want to borrow a scooter, I open that invite to people if they want to join our monthly ride & do not have their bike with them.


I don't believe I've ever told anyone they asked a stupid question here. I ask many stupid questions. your comment about a Karma module is a little over the top in my opinion. I don't believe the Morini engined ditech actually has a Karma module, atleast mine doesn't have one listed anywhere in the service manual.
All I have ever done is make jokes that were in poor taste and used a little too much foul language, as well as tell trolls off. But I've never said "you're stupid for not knowing that" to anybody here

usually I'm very nice to everyone. there have only been a couple of instances where I was just in such a bad mood that I shouldn't have even been on the forum, for which I've apologized.

When have I ever acted like an expert by the way? I know a couple of things, but I know nothing compared to the actual experts here, of which I am absolutely not one. And if you're refering to the 'apriliaforum expert' under my name, that happens automatically when you get over X number of posts up on the forum. Im not an actual expert.

Also, why are you giving me the third degree when you have only 12 posts and can't possibly have read very many of mine or known what long term context they were in?


And yup I got something wet :(

I don't know what it was... I finally managed to get the bike to run again properly

What bothers me is- how can this be- how can I ride the thing in the rain if spraying my hose under the bike causes these issues?

blue rocket
07-16-2008, 07:24 AM
man, your bike always seems to be broken! personally, i would never wash a bike with so many exposed electrical connections...clean the dirt out with a paintbrush and clean the exterior with quick detailing spray.

07-16-2008, 08:46 AM
man, your bike always seems to be broken! personally, i would never wash a bike with so many exposed electrical connections...clean the dirt out with a paintbrush and clean the exterior with quick detailing spray.

Ill be more careful washing from now on..... sooooo p.o'd about this :bangwall: