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04-15-2008, 01:53 PM
...right at a major roundabout. Bastid. :WTF:

My Peg just died, twice, over the weekend, with no real explanation. Here's the symptoms in case anyone has a clue...

1. Saturday. Raining.
- Approached roundabout, clutched in, engine died. (Removed a KTM from my rear wheel arch, but that's another story...)
- Tried restarting, but starter motor struggled as if battery dead or dying. Voltmeter showed 12.? volts at this time.
- Switched ignition completely off then on again, bike started, but with flashing hazard light, and large SERVICE message on dash
- arrived at destination about 30 mins later, left bike off for about an hour.
- started first time, and no flashing light or SERVICE message.


2. Sunday. Overnight, left uncovered in rain.
- Bike wouldn't start. Same symptoms as above, in that battery appeared to be dead or very weak, with starter barely turning.
- tried bump starting, but despite having clutch held in, it didn't disengage from gearbox, so couldn't bump it (is this normal???)
- sat scratching arse for 5 mins and tried starter again. Fecking thing started, but starter still sounded weaker than before (ie before all this trouble started). Voltmeter said 12.4V with engine off, and 14.4V with engine running.
- pulled off, and travelled 500 yards to a junction. Pulled away, clutched in for 2nd, and the bike just died and stopped. Completely, and I nearly headbutted the Tarmac...
- tried starting again, and wouldn't. Waited 2/3 minutes and it started, so I waited until all 3 bars on temp gauge were showing. Moved off, rode 130 miles home without a hitch, in rain and in the dry.

WTF is going on???

Is there something prone to water ingress? What about the large connector thing under the engine - is that relevant here?

This is really p1ssing me off. It's done 600 miles (there's now a small spanner on the display - first service time I guess????) and I'm planning a major trip in Europe in a couple of months.

I can throw it back at the dealer, but is this a problem that anyone has any specific knowledge about? I've tried all the obvious checks, and my layman's view is that it has to be electrical rather than a fuelling problem.

Shoot me down, but desperate to have confidence restored....

HELP!! :cheers:

Thanks in advance


04-15-2008, 03:01 PM
Straight back to the dealer. Especially as it's due a service anyway. Sounds like it might be a grounding fault.

04-15-2008, 06:23 PM
Straight back to the dealer. Especially as it's due a service anyway. Sounds like it might be a grounding fault.

I'd throw it back to the dealer as it's got to go in for its first service.

Check the battery & earth terminals are tight first.

If it was out of warranty I would do something with the large block under the sump guard like bin it and solder the wires together and then heat shrink them.

just my thoughts

Cheers Wes

04-16-2008, 11:29 AM
Thanks guys.

I'd still like to get to the bottom of it myself.

I'm wondering if I've wired a relay incorrectly - I have one for my FF50 spots, and another for an additional fuse panel. Maybe I've created an earth loop or flux deficiency? Maybe I need a tertiary flange.

What do I know...


Probably sling it at a dealer. Bloody annoying, though.