View Full Version : The "advantage" of a FULL Akrapovic system?

11-28-2003, 11:16 AM
Hey guys...

Can someone explain what the advantage is of having a full Akra system over just the cans? If I slap the titanium cans on the end of the existing exhaust plumbing am I going forfeit a power gain? If so, how exactly does a full Akra system benefit over just the cans...does it have something to do with wider, or more effecient plumbing? I appreciate your help with the dumb questions :p:


11-28-2003, 11:46 PM
Wha!?!? No responses yet? hmmmmm........:eek:

11-29-2003, 01:31 AM
You kinda answered you own question. :) A full system will be better than slipons only by as much as the aftermarket header is better than the stock one - since that's the only difference. Is Akra making slipons yet? The slipons in the brochure are not made by Akra, just the full system. The stock header is not that heavy, so most of the weight savings is going to be from the lighter cans.

The stock header on the 04 is supposedly pretty good, so unless you're going racing (or like the pretty welds on the Akra vs. the ugly sloppy ones on the stock header), you're probably not missing that much power by going with slip-ons on the 04.

I believe the Akra is a true 2-2 system, whereas the stocker is 2-1-2, which should make some difference. Dunno if your butt would be able to tell the difference, though.

Thunder Factory
11-29-2003, 02:05 AM
As the Stinky one says the Akra is a true 2 into 2 system with each cyliner having a seperate path to follow to the end can which has the potential for improved gas flow and therefore additional power gains.

However I have to agree with him that with the improvements to the stock headers on the 04 model it's not necessary to go for a full system to get gains.

Stinky, still no sign of the Akra slip ons and I was speaking to the importers this week, looks like it could be some time yet, unless they are going to surprise us for Christmas!:D

Quick question what happened with the tri-ovals now you fitted the Akra?

11-29-2003, 08:04 AM
2-2 or 2-1-2?

i dont know what the '04 akra would be classified as, the '03 pipe kinda does this crossover thing where they join so i'm not sure if you could call it a 2-1-2 or a 2-2 with crossover.

now i'm confused......again :D

i have an '04 on the shelf so i will check if it has the crossover thingy

11-29-2003, 10:53 AM
I have been a big fan of your very technical expalnations in the past, but now you got me........cross over thingy???? Nice to see you're human.


11-29-2003, 11:21 AM
Thunder, the tri-oval slip-ons are boxed up - I'm still waiting for the clamp Carbon Can Co. left out when they shipped them to me - it's been over two weeks since I asked them to send one overnight (and volunteered to pay the shipping) and still no clamp. I need to contact them again to see what's up - I just haven't been in a hurry since I've got a nice sounding bike right now. :)

I may sell the tri-ovals once I get the clamp. For now it's cheap insurance in case the law takes notice and makes me put the stock pipes back on - I'd have to consider using the slip-ons at that point, as it cost me 4 hours shop labor to put the full system on and I really don't have the work space to be swapping full systems around.

11-29-2003, 02:20 PM
I dont think they have a crossover "Thingy" think it is just a connection for a stability thing(akra 2-2) bilter: "thingy"has been around as long as i can remember:D

Thunder Factory
11-29-2003, 02:48 PM

The guys from CCC have been away from the office at the Uk bike show in Birmingham which could explain the lack of contact.

I'll give them a ring for you on Monday and remind them about the clamp.:gunner:

11-29-2003, 03:51 PM
just got my light thingy and shone it down the hole thingy and saw a symese thingy

the pipes do join and split just like the stock pipes

11-29-2003, 05:19 PM
Thanks, Thunder. They did promptly reply to my last email and said they were at NEC, then asked me for my address again, so I figured the show was the reason for the holdup.

It'll be nice when the clamp thingy shows up. :D