View Full Version : Fuel Tank size

11-15-2003, 10:15 AM
A note of warning.

I never get more than 5 and a bit litres in immediately after the fuel warning light comes on and never more than 7.5 if I push it. I assumed the light was pessimistic and that when it came on I had about 3.5 litres left.I reckon on between 50 and 60 kms per litre normally.

Yesterday I tried to run for the 3.5 litres and stopped 120Kms approx later.

So the light is about accurate and there is only 2 litres left. I was not able to brim the tank ( ran out 600 yards from a station) and the attendant was not going to trickle it in. I reckon that it splashed fuel after the equivalent of about 5 litres and my attempt to get it brimmed later suggests it would only have taken about 7.5 if I had. Getting the full nine litres in there appears to require unlimited patience.

I will run on the assumption I never have more than 7 litres in the tank in future.