View Full Version : mileages before replacements/repairs

11-15-2003, 09:58 AM
Just wondering what sort of mileages people do before they need to start planning for replacing major parts, particularly where it might be worth ordering a Malossi/Polini upgrade before the service. Brake pads and clutches vary so much depending on how you treat them that there is not much point asking.

E.G. how many kilometres do the variators and the rollers do before they have to be replaced?

Rear Shock Absorber?

Piston Rings?

main bearings?.

what is the maximum anyone has got out of an engine without taking it apart & having a rebuild; ie new bearings and rings?

Any parts needed replacing much earlier than you might have imagined?

11-25-2003, 12:07 PM
you only have to replace bearings and piston rings when needed. When your scooter clearly has a loss of 'compression' piston rings need to be changed, as long as it doesn't, don't change it.... The saying always goes: why fix it if it works?

De stock variator rather sucks. I replaced mine after about 5000km's and bought a Multivar which was much better. Rollers, on average, need to be changed after around 4000km's... You can check whether you need to replace them by looking whether some of the sides have 'flattened' out.

The rear shock absorber sucks aswell. I still have the stock one, but after having driven around 8000km's i feel that its life has almost come to an end...

I have now driven 8000km's and i haven't had to change the bearings or piston rings yet. Normally, if you take care with ur scooter and don't drive it like a maniac you can go around driving with the stock bearings and piston rings for over 20000km's