View Full Version : Olhins rear shock spring change

11-08-2003, 01:07 PM
I have a 2003 Tuono Racing. I feel the stock rear Ohlins spring (part #01091-31/95 rated at 542 lbs. per inch of travel) is waaaaaay to stiff for my 170 lb. body while street riding, even with the compression adjuster backed all the way off. Has anyone changed out the spring for lighter rated spring? What spring rate did you use? I've talk to Jerry Wohlgemuth (nice guy, very helpfull!) at Ohlins USA 828-692-4525 and he reccommend their next lighter spring (#1091-29-90 rated at 514 lbs.) I'd like input from someone with experiance on shocks and some of you guys out there that race because you probally have some insite as to the reduction of spring rate that would be advisable for street riding. Do you agree with Jerry's recommended 6% spring rate reduction or will more be required to feel a difference. I've rode bikes for 37 years but don't have much experiance with changing the spring rates on them.
FYI, according to Jerry the compression adjuster only affects the mid to high speed compression on this unit. The new spring list price is $94.95 from them.