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Micah / AF1 Racing
11-06-2003, 04:24 PM
Below is an email we got earlier today from Aprilia's webmaster who oversees the official www.aprilia.com website. This is an awesome opportunity for ApriliaForum members to go world wide and get the recognition they deserve.

Aprilia is looking for new faces for their Owner of the Week section on their homepage. All you have to do is follow the directions in the message below and maybe you will be famous.

Here is the copied email:


I'm in charge to publish every week an "owner of the week" on the official
Aprilia web site www.aprilia.com. At date it was not so frequent to create a
non-italian owner of the week and looking at your group, which I put
directly in the preferites folder, I wondered if you want to make your
members to become the next weeks stars. If so, you just have to ask them to
answer to the questions in the .doc attachment and add 4 - 5 photos of them
and their bikes, in .jpg format and send it all to the address
ownerweek@libero.it. IMPORTANT!! the max format of the pictures should not
be over 800x600. *

Thanks for your help and... see you soon on the Aprilia web site.

Best regards


* members who send the above mentioned interview and pictures allows Aprilia
Spa to publish it at the above mentioned purposes.

Pretty cool huh?


Micah / AF1 Racing
11-06-2003, 04:37 PM
Interview with: (NAME) (SURNAME)
from : (PLACE)

Do you think that (NATIONALITY) are really so passionate about motorcycling?

How do people express their passion for motorcycling?

You live in (PLACE) When do people use bikes in your area?

What made you buy a bike?

What can you tell us about the bikes youíve owned?

When do you use your bike?

What are the most common Aprilias in your area?

Is motorcycling just a hobby or would you say that itís a real passion for you?

Is it important for you that Aprilia is an Italian make?

What do you like and what donít you like about your Aprilia?

Do you follow motorcycle racing on TV? Who is your favourite rider?

How do you think motorcycles will develop in future?