View Full Version : The tuono a race bike????

11-01-2003, 06:03 PM
Was wondering how good the tuono would be if set up to do track days only...

Not racing (yet) but I want to do more track days (probably like 2 or more a month).

11-02-2003, 09:36 AM
it is an absolute blast......when you get it set up.

i had the 'clarkie' project bike on track out at portland international raceway just after laguna seca wfor some basic setup and testing and the bike stock has a few issues.

because the bike is just a mille with upright bars your weight is almost a foot further back on the bike, great for doing wheelis but not perect for the track.

the problem on the track is that there is not enough front wheel weight bias so the front end feels kinda vague.

at first i dropped the front one line, it was better but still kinda vague, i dropped the front again and it really came alive.

i also had michelin H2's on te bike and the H2 front is a very tall front tire which gave the bike more trail which made the front end evne more vague than say pirelli's or dunlops, or even michelin pilots sports.

once it was set up for tha track it was awesome, nothing better than going around the outside of some racer dude with the bars 2 inches off the ground, they are like what the f*uck?

yeah the bike had an Ohlins shock and Ohlins internals in the stock showa forks but that was just part of the project.

the other side effect of dropping the forks 2-3 lines is that the front of the bike is way lower and it feels even more like a street fighter should.

hope this helps,


11-02-2003, 10:17 AM
i followed clarkie's suggestion (thanks clarkie) and dropped the front one line and the bike felt much better without losing stability at speed. So, i recently dropped it another one and the geometry is VERY quick, (and fun at the same time) i am still getting used to it to be honest. Have not taken any fast turns to see how it feels at speed, so i will check it out and then let you guys know.

the one drop on the forks though, in my opinion, is a sure improvement.

11-02-2003, 10:56 AM
Thanks guys,

Clarkie, I was going to ask about the front end 'vague-ness' at your open house on the 8th.

Was thinking that I would have to drop the front just wasnt sure how much you'd suggest.

That is the only real problem I have with the bike, and it only seems evident (to me anyway) as I enter the turn (that initial 'fall-in' )


11-02-2003, 05:26 PM
one line is good for the street, 2 lines would be too much i think, for the track where your average speed is a lot higher 2 lines is better.


11-03-2003, 09:26 PM
Another thought on the race bike front...

I haven't really used this yet, but I did purchase a set of woodcraft clipons for use with my Tuono on days when I want to ride a Mille rather than a Tuono (it happens, sometimes!). The woodcrafts have a 2 piece clamp, so you don't have to drop the forks out of the triples to install. The main bar risers can be removed easily enough and if you have compressed air handy, moving all the components off the bars and onto the clipons is only a 20 minute operation or so.

It is really fun riding around 'faster' bikes while sitting bolt upright, but at fast tracks, it can get a bit hard on the neck over the course of a long day. Right about the time the clipons arrived, I finally got comfortable hanging off, despite the high bars, so I've never really felt the need to use 'em, but I figure they are a good tool to have, just in case. Price is reasonable, so why not?