View Full Version : Fairing Clear Coat

10-29-2003, 06:37 AM
Hey out there guys. I need some help. Yesterday the black frame sliders and zero gravity windscreen I ordered from AF1 came in. I got the frame sliders on fine but when I went to do the windscreen I noticed that the four inner rivets would be pretty impossible to get without taking the front plastic off so I just tried the rear rivets to see how hard it'd be to take them out. Well the left came out fine but the right one didn't want to come out as easily. I noticed that the clearcoat on the fairing had bubbled by the right turnsignal. It's about the size of a fingerprint. I had noticed a couple pin head sized near the turn signal when I got the bike and just figured it was from the manufacturing process. Where it recently bubbled is near the small ones but they're not in the same spot.

Any advice on how I can fix this and make my baby look good again would be greatly appreciated. Can this be fixed or will the fairing have to be replaced? It seems to me that the clearcoat shouldn't have bubbled like that, could it be a manufacturing defect?


King Atlas
10-30-2003, 11:13 AM
Oh, it's a defect all right. I've never seen this bad of a clear coat on a Japanese motorcycle. Mine bubbled around the windscreen without me doing anything to it. I'm considering just going with a custom paint job with a quality clear coat.