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08-06-2007, 04:19 PM
I took my Strada out for a nice long day trip over the weekend. We started with about 45 minutes of highway driving. I was really surprised how much power this bike has. No trouble going up to and beyond 130kph. Just for kicks, I pushed it up to almost 160 at around 6000 rpm. I thought it would be a stuggle, but no, it just took the throttle and moved right along. At higher speeds, the front end gets a tiny bit wobbly, but it was far from excessive and nothing to worry about. I found that by hunching down out of the wind, it tamed the wobble, but that would be a cramped position to do for long stretches. Sitting upright turned me into a sail. Then, we spent a few hours on twisty roads, I guess you call them B or C roads. The Strada just seems to eat up the curves. It loves them. And finally, we did 5 km of dirt road down to a beach. This is where the Strada was not happy. No forgiving front suspension to soak up the bumps. But it made it, as long as I picked my way along in 1st and 2nd. My friend was on a squishy KLE 500 and that is where it outdid my bike. Otherwise, mine was better for the overall trip. I am liking this bike more and more for the fun factor. Neutral is still causing me conniptions, though.

08-07-2007, 01:13 AM
You need to buy a TRAIL as well, he he he :rolleyes:

Don't worry. Mine had the same neutral issues. Went away once properly run-in.

Where are you based Massimo ?

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08-07-2007, 09:44 AM
This is the only one I took, the day before the trip mentioned above. It is at the port on the island of Aegina, 1 hour from Athens by ferry, also a place of lots of little twisty roads. I do ride with a helmet, but just had it off for the photo op. My friend likes that the pipe is starting to turn blue up by the engine block. The bike, as you see it, is stock, with the addition of the Kappa 46 topcase, the optional windscreen, and a better horn. The original horn was the same one found on my Sportcity 200 and sounded ridiculous. Talk about raiding the parts bin!

BTW, Beau1K, I called home to San Diego and asked my dealer if I brought my Aprilia back to the states would he service it. In a word, no. He said they'd sold only 2 pegasuses (pegasi?) in the last 5 years, and couldn't get parts. I wonder if he was truthing or not.