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07-19-2007, 12:48 PM
thanks for all the forum folks again.... and i apologize for the below since you've all been through it, but it was so joyous to me i had to share...

i was really disappointed when i rode my 06 sr50 home 2 weeks ago. i had read all about it but there had been no opportunities to test ride. and when i picked it up, the service guys had told me it was derestricted (although they seemed rushed just to get me out the door -- i knew they had to put acid/battery, oil, etc). top speed 30-32mph. max rpm 7000.

ok, i thought -- i just need to do the variator ring mod. did that a week ago and yes, top speed up to 40-42, great! but slow to get there and slow off the line.

ok, so yesterday i popped in 7g rollers really looking forward to a big change. very quick off the line to 20mph, then it'd take forever to get to 42. worse than before it seemed in the middle range. i was bummed. even considered selling the 2 week old sr50 for a 150cc taiwanese bike or vespa...

finally, brought it back to the dealer today. when i called at first one guy said "i'm not sure if we can do it, we're starting to phase out the aprilias and might not have the latest software. i'll have to talk to the service manager." geeze, i thought, what's with everyone bailing out on aprilia scooters? the manager called back and said he could do it no problem. no charge since i bought it from them. told him i did the variator, top speed about 40 and top rpm 7000. he did the ecu flas, test rode it and said "it got up to 46 but i ran out of road, it'll probably go higher. top rpm was 8-9000."

i was hopeful. the minute i left the parking lot i knew they definitely did not do the ecu when i bought it. wow what a difference!!! i almost fell off the bike from the jolt of speed - brought a huge smile to my face. instead of the lag, the lighter rollers brought up the rpms quickly and the new ecu let the rpms go higher and it just pulled and pulled so i got up to 40 easily and was going 46 easily. i don't know if it'll go 50, maybe downhill, but i just wanted usuable 45 and i definitely have that now.

returned the leo vince exhaust -- may end up getting one later, but for now i'm happy with the performance and the scoot is loud enough! =)

for the new guys, definitely get the ecu done -- makes a huuge difference! it's a real shame they have to sell the bike so wimped out -- man, they'd sell a lot more 50c scooters. glad i didn't put the sr50 on ebay or craigslist!


07-19-2007, 07:49 PM
THey put the right map on right? Maxes out at 9 500?

07-19-2007, 10:36 PM
rider weight, road conditions, etc, etc., that is the final part of the equation. It sounds like its in its perfect range for destricted stock, so I'd run with it. Cheers mate!:cheers:

07-20-2007, 03:35 PM
i don't know about the map --- i get in the low 8000s (only 50ish miles so far on the bike though). 9500 seems high so maybe that's with a more updated map. geeze, i can only imagine how fast it'd go if i could get the rpms that high...

but i'm not complaining. i love the bike now! and i'm glad i didn't freak out and pull the 7g rollers out. it's perfect with them in. i do see what people mean about the "dead spot" from about 30-45mph which i guess is what an aftermarket exhaust will help with. but i'm pretty content right now and am enjoying each ride!


ps. i bought a case of that agip city oil direct from agip. if anyone wants to buy a few, let me know? it was just so much cheaper from them, even with shipping, that i couldn't help myself....

THey put the right map on right? Maxes out at 9 500?