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07-01-2007, 04:33 PM

Just past my test and bought my first bike... Its an '06 Trail, just under a year old and 1000miles on it; collected it last weekend and have only managed to get out on it a couple of times because of the weather, thought I'd have a few fair weather rides to get used to the bike before I tackle the wet stuff...

First impressions are that its great fun to ride, completely different to the bike I learnt on. Great fun on islands and corners, really good steering response. Although more engine/rear vibration at higher speeds, is this normal?

Fitted a Givi top-box rack today, dont actually have a top-box yet as I am not sure what size to buy and very few shops stock them to judge which one will fit my laptop in.

Have been to loads of bike shops buying bike-boys-toys, not tto much left to buy now; On the shopping list at the moment is:
~ Top box, 38 to 45 litre I think
~ I like the look of the Hepko & Becker engine bars
~ Centre Stand - Local dealer has really struggled with this as they are not sure what fits the trail, looking on here am I right in saying that its part number 851720???
~ Hand guards, do the BMW F650 GS fit an 06 trail?
~ High seat?? I'm 6'4" and reckon that it might be worth it???


07-03-2007, 07:48 AM
Duplicated post, please ignore this one and use the other for any responses.