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10-01-2003, 03:36 PM
Finally, the magic number 600mls! It was hard to get it up there with these 100F plus temperatures during the summer in Texas but fall is finally here and I can rake up some more miles on the beast. I dropped it off at the local dealership in Houston. Any suggestions as to specific issues they need to do during the frist service, of course besides the usual oil+filter? What oil ?
By the way, she's already de-restricted and is currently running the race can plus race chip that came with the bike.
Thanks for your help!

10-01-2003, 06:28 PM
O and the dealer told me the standard Aprilia fee is USD 510 plus tax. Seems a bid stiff... What did you pay?

10-01-2003, 08:11 PM
Half that! Your dealer is either quoting you a price that includes valve adjustment in case they are out of whack, and will then charge you less if they prove to b in spec (they should be) or else he is ripping you off!!! There is no in between. That number is ridiculous unless he has to adjust all 8 valves.


10-01-2003, 08:27 PM
Yeah, I paid about half of that....check with the dealer, cause that may be either a flat rate, or he's quoting you 'at worst case'..

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10-01-2003, 09:29 PM
When it was time for me to get mine serviced I saw 3 different prices from 3 different Aprilia dealers. They were $599 + oil, filter, and tax; $499 + oil, filter, and tax; and $249 out the door (including derestriction). Obviously I took the $249 and they have all my future business (even for a 100 mile drive to their shop).


10-01-2003, 10:26 PM
Guys, thanks a lot!! this will give me some ammunition tomorrow!


10-02-2003, 05:11 AM
that is insane! sorry but the dealers in the states are totally ripping you off. the work involved in the first 'service' is really nothing, no more than an hour worth of work at worst case. Checking valve clearance is one thing and adjusting them is another. Provided the solid history of valve adjustment of the rotax engine we have, they probably do not even check them. In any case, it seems outrageous to me, i paid 108 euros including oil/filter.

10-02-2003, 05:38 AM
Also paid around 110 Euros including oil/filter and VAT for first service ans derestriction.
Not sure they checked the valves, but that's not my problem...
Warranty is there ...

10-02-2003, 06:37 AM
Agree totally - these guys are ripping you off. Negotiated price of first service in with the bike - seems that most of the UK dealers are offering same as the Japs in that they charge for just parts and not labour (which is under 50.00 for the 1st service).

10-02-2003, 09:06 AM
I had mine done about 500 miles ago/1 month...$250 but no valves were out..they quoted me $240 if no valves were out and additional money if valves were in need of adjustment...its a cams out job so its a little work...I would verify that $500 is with or without valves adjusted...I mean $500 is ducati service cost territory..

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10-03-2003, 06:16 AM
Guys, I own a dealership (Ducati and Suzuki) and we charge less than $200.00 plus parts for the first service. The Tuono first service is dependant upon what you want to do, we have had a problem removing the restrictor from the exhaust if the bike has been driven a lot. we only did two Tuonos and the first one took over and hour to remove. I would check if the throtel bodies are sinced during the first service, we do this but it takes more time.
Also we use senthic Spectro Oil and it costs $12.00 per quart but its the best and well worth the extra money.

10-03-2003, 08:35 AM
Originally posted by yzf426
I would check if the throtel bodies are sinced during the first service, we do this but it takes more time.

I believe the manual calls for the throttle bodies to be synched on the first service...$200 is a reasonable cost for the first service..cheaper than what I paid..

03 tuono
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10-03-2003, 05:52 PM
Well thanks a lot for all your help guys! It definitely helped.
Apparently they did not have to do the valve adjustment, just a check-up.
So the total including Oil (full synthetic AGIP) and filter and throttle body sync was USD 379.
Supposedly they dropped the labor from 7 hours for the 600mls service which would include valve adjustment down to 4.5 hours.
Comming from an endless list of Jap bikes , indeed more expensive but I am happy with the fact that with your help I knocked off almost USD 200!

Thanks again.

10-07-2003, 12:21 PM
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