View Full Version : HELP! - Error installing Aprilia Alarm - CAN line error

02-05-2007, 08:30 PM
Can anyone help? I just wired up the Aprilia alarm (E587-A) on my 04RSVR. All the connections have been checked. Unable to start the bike.

The dashboard lights up as follows:
red line light on, warning and stand lights on, neutral indicator stays off, water temp reads ERR.

According to the Aprilia manual this is indicative of a damaged or disconnected CAN line.

When I turn the ignition OFF-ON-OFF the LED from the alarm flashes twice (indicating two remotes). When I press the remote it beeps twice, LED flashes, (but no flashing blinkers), then after 26secs the Audio alarm will sound even if untouched. When I disable the alarm it beeps 4 times (no blinkers).
The blinkers work fine when operated from the handlebars with IGN.ON.

I figure the indicators are connected properly as they work fine from the handlebars. My connections are all good.
Is there anything I need to reset? I dont want to start testing the programmable functions on the alarm until I clear the CAN line error.