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12-25-2006, 03:27 AM
hello everyone. ive been seriously thinking about getting a new rsvr after this tour to iraq, so i have been doing as much research as possible on this model and lurking on this forum. i currently have an 06 R1, and recently got rid of an 05 rc51 (which i really liked).

after lurking on this forum, i have several questions about the rsvr and thought i would finally get around to asking them. yes, i could do a search, but here in iraq the net is SLOW and it would take days to search for my answers. well, here they are, and please go easy on me.

RELIABILITY: my rc51 was like a hammer, and i expect that from any bike i get. from what ive read here, the engine and tranny are pretty much bulletproof, but i am interested in the "small glitches" such as the rear brake, clutch, and the electrical problem (where the wires are melting at a connector). are these REALLY that common, or just that some people only post when they have a problem, and the ones who dont have the problem are just out riding? being from texas, i would most likely buy from AF1 and could i expect them to rebleed the brakes and clutch at purchase and fix the connector or would they not?

SUSPENSION: any quirks here? afterall, it is ohlins and i take it that the swinger is fixed on the later model bikes.

EXHAUST: to each his own here, but would it be fair to say that arrow headers with tig cans is about the best way to go when you compare cost to hp gains? im willing to spend the money on this or any other setup, but would like some HP numbers for comparisons sake.

FUELING: would a power commander be necessary with the above exhaust setup, or would just changing internal maps be good enough? jap bikes dont have the internal switchable maps, and a PC is pretty much mandatory with a full exhaust.

POWER: how much HP/TQ could be expected from the average rsvr with a full exhaust/tuning. my old rc51 was around 125 or so with sato exhuast and a pc with custom map. im certainly not a bench racer, but i would expect more performance from this bike over the 51, considering the cost difference.

SERVICING: what is the valve adj intervals and what is the cost of the check or the adjustment? i believe the 51 interval was 15 or 16 thousand miles. im using the 51 as a comparison as they are alot alike and the 51 is on my list as a possible new bike also. i do my own oil changes and such, but how much are the filters, and can any aftermarket filter be used?

FIT/FINISH: the honda had great fit and finish, and i have never been next to an ape, so im wondering about this. also, is the red/white/purple color combo available in the states or is that a european only scheme.

i understand this is a different animal than the 51 or any I-4 and i am willing to accept the quirkiness to a point, but i thoroughly research any new bike purchase before plonking down money on something.

i would appreciate any and all comments on these questions, and would like to thank yall in advance for any help in making up my mind about this bike. happy holidays, clary

12-25-2006, 06:38 AM
Sounds like you need to stop by AF1 when you get back home and take one for a ride.
The answers you'll get here will be very biassed towards the Aprilia.

IMO, the clutch and rear brake are not reliability issues and the electrical connector has been elimated on the 06 and newer. Everything else is bullet proof.

It's only as good as you are at adjusting it.

Since I work at a shop and have installed every brand available, my choice would be:
1st Akrapovic (no one else comes close)
2nd Leo Vince, nice fit/finish but no as nice as #1
3rd Arrow, ugly welds
Performance wise, they're all so close that it's irrelevant.
Tigs sound terrible IMO and don't perform as well as 1,2 & 3.

I don't feel it's necessary in most cases but that depends on how well the bike is setup and what exhaust you choose.

If you want to play the "my Dyno chart has more HP than yours" game, this is not the bike for you.
The RSVR won the Superbike Shootout in Europe against all other liter class bikes even though it makes about 30hp less, more HP doesn’t necessarily mean faster lap times.

Aprilia no longer recommends checking the valves at 600 miles like before.
I would check them at 6k miles and every 12k after that, change your oil every 2k miles.

You'll have to see that for yourself

12-25-2006, 09:16 AM
thanks for the reply. it sounds like the bike isnt nearly as bad as some would have others believe in regards to the small nagging problems. im not worried about the hp/tq numbers, i have a new r1 that has ALL the power i want. however, i wont spend top dollar for low dollar performance, brand name be damned if you know what i mean. anywho, thanks again for the reply/advice, its much appreciated. i think that an 07 or 08 rsvr is in my future. clary

12-25-2006, 11:02 AM
I own a Mille Factory,with a PCIII Akro slip-ons and no other mods the bike produces 126hp on the dyno.A full system would give you a little more at peak probably in the 130 range,at least that was the difference between the slip-ons and the full system on my Tuono.
From what I understand Tuneboy is releasing their product for the Mille very soon.This should better than the PCIII because you can adjust not only fuel but ignition timing as well,within the factory ecu instead of having a piggy-back component.
The fit and finish of the Aprilia in my opinion is second to none.I have owned five Aprilias and have no reliability issues what-so-ever.
Unless you are interested in winning a dyno shootout at your local Harley Fest don't worry about peak hp #s,I do some track days with my Mille and walk away from R1s and 1000RRs,ZX10s and gsxr1Ks hold their own until the twisty sections where the Mille has a big advantage.As Amauri said it didn't win the Masterbike comparison for nothing.

12-25-2006, 02:13 PM
i like the tigcrafts, some here i guess like a quieter pipe like the akropovic, its very neighborhood friendly, i think the cores are smaller also on them. as far as the welds on the headers, well i didn't think mine were ugly, however they are hidden by the bodywork anyway, i guess if i paid a ton more i could have gotten pretty akropovic welds

12-25-2006, 06:39 PM
I sold my priller and got a RC, with a ZX-10 in between. I liked the priller but my dealer was a dick and I wanted more reliability. Some here never have problems with RSV-R's while some like me had clutch, brake issues, and cutting out at times, I got tired of them. I really enjoyed riding it, but the RC is almost as fun, a bit heavier, but for me..much more reliable. If you don't mind nagging problems and you have a good dealer...you'll be fine. I doubt I ever go back to a I-4 for a streetbike. enjoy wich ever V twin you get.

12-25-2006, 06:48 PM
first off the clutch isn't an issue, sure you may have to bleed it periodically, but really what does it take? 15 seconds of your time and if your like most people here you like putting a wrench on the bike every now and then and the bonus is since the clutch fluid turns dark anyway, by bleeding you always have clean fluid, second if you like doing mods, you can just replace it with the brembo racing unit like i did

yeah before i upgraded to the billet unit, i think in a months time i wasted a whole 30 seconds. it takes longer to check air in both the tires so consider that a non issue

and nagging problems - don't have any

don't let anyone throw you off with the nagging problems comment, the bikes like any are subject to anything mechanical or electrical going wrong, the rear brake you probably read alot about just takes bleeding it correctly like any brembo rear brake. many ducati's have the same issue and bleeding corrects those also

12-25-2006, 07:35 PM
first off the clutch isn't an issue, sure you may have to bleed it periodically, but really what does it take? 15 seconds of your time and if your like most people here you like putting a wrench on the bike every now and then and the bonus is since the clutch fluid turns dark anyway, by bleeding you always have clean fluid, second if you like doing mods, you can just replace it with the brembo racing unit like i did

Look Chris, Its really no fun riding in rush hour traffic in DC and the clutch going out...in a nasty 'hood at that. I bled it properly and short of lapping valves, I can do any repair on a bike too. Cutting across four lanes of traffic with no clutch on a 98 degree with 95 percent humidity day for a 15 second bleed with all the gear on made me finally let her go. Like I said, some never have problems. But for 14K you should not have any either. On a country road with no traffic, I agree that 15 seconds out of a 3 hour ride is not an issue.

If the V-4 comes out and its reliable as the Honda, I will get one. Even if the local dealer is a dick too.

12-25-2006, 07:51 PM
i see your point, bad timing definately, but the 14 grand part doesn't mean shit, let me introduce you to the world of high end autos and what crap problems they have and many are well over 100,000

12-25-2006, 07:52 PM
it doesn't matter what you buy and how much you pay for it, it all comes down to everything being built by the lowest bidder, and for what its worth my aprilia has been loads more reliable than my friends honda's who buy the way the last item that failed is the tach, honda says its not under warranty becuase its a wear item :WTF:

Ape Factory
12-25-2006, 10:30 PM
From the research I've done so far, early RSV whoahs are mickey-mouse repairs that can be done/prevented with minimal maintenance. The Rotax motor has a very good reputation and is probably in it's final year in the RSVR's.-They make about 120 RWHP in stock form, which is about the same as the RC51 and more than the 115 RWHP a stock Ducati 998/999 makes.

The Rectifier connector above the Aprilia coolant reservoir that melts also happens on alot of other bikes. I can tell you 1st hand that r1's, gsxr's, and all ducati's have the same problem. Don't worry about it but check it often. -The connector melts due to excessive resistence (heat) caused by a dirty connection and vibration but also by the regulator working extra hard. See, most manufacturers mount their RR's onto plastic. That is a big no-no. The fix on R1, gsxr's, and Ducati's is cut out the connector entirely (the weak point) and solder the wires directly to each other and use some heat shrink to keep the water out. For a SUPREME connector fix is 1) cut it out and solder + 2) relocate the Regulator/Rectifier onto a plate attached directly to the frame/body.

Me coming from Japanese I4's then Ducati, the Aprilia has a good record. If you want something different, go for it. You have nothing to lose with the 2 year warranty included?

MV Agusta has terrible parts availability.
Ducati's 1098 seems lb. for lb. the best bet on paper but uses most of it's past technologies in key areas. Cylinder heads, frame, body work + gauges are all new but the lower end of the motor is still the exact same. You won't make it to the 7500 mile valve interval without something happening! Take it from someone who knows and maintained his own Duc Testeresetta.....

Can't wait to get my Factory!:cheers:


12-26-2006, 10:53 AM
world of high end autos and what crap problems they have and many are well over 100,000

Thats why I will stay away from Benzes and BMW's.....The most I will spend on any car is about 30K anyway. There is an Audi TT parked next to my RSX that leaks fluid all over the garage and its making a real mess too...

If the 1098 is reliable, I may get one the second or third production year, sans the V-4 coming out. I love the rotax motor, I just wish they had spent a few more dollars and time wi the RSV to get it nailed down. Just another 5 percent would have done it.

12-26-2006, 11:48 AM
I think amauri can shed some light on the subject, for the most part i think the aprilia is one of the more reliable bikes on the market out there today, i think you had one with problems but like i was saying that can happen with whatever you buy. i like buying mods for my bike, the clutch i only updated because i wanted matching levers, not bleeding was just a bonus, but i didn't care either way, i only wanted the brembo brake master

12-26-2006, 12:46 PM
thanks for all the replies. i will be home on leave in august, and i believe a trip south for the day is in order to check a new rsvr out. thanks again for the replies. clary

12-26-2006, 03:07 PM
keep your head down and come home safe, so you can ride and listen to us old farts here bitch about life. :burnout: