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11-28-2006, 01:41 PM

12-01-2006, 07:08 AM
That guy makes the wheelies look so easy.

I was out practicing this morning. Bike has a full tank, dunno if that'll make any difference. Sat back in the seat almost at the lip bit, went along in 1st, got to about 15 to 18mph mph and just snapped the throttle wide open. (it was wet) First 2 times all it did was spin up the rear and drift down the road a bit. Then on the 3rd attempt up it came nice and smooth. Just when i felt it was getting a bit high the limiter came in and it dropped down smoothly. This is probably torture for the bike, but hey, i've gotta learn somehow. :) According to a mate who was watching this carnage, the bottom of the front wheel is just over knee height off the ground.

Repeated this process for a while but tried to knock it off a bit just before the limiter came in then open it again to keep it up. Didn't work too good :rolleyes: Tried to kick it into 2nd too but i dont think it's high enough as it starts to come down again after i change up. I'll just have to keep practicing to get used to the feel of the front in the air and work on getting it higher.

Any advice or experiences would be appreciated. :)