View Full Version : Futura Stolen in So. California

09-19-2003, 01:01 AM
Had my Futura and three other bikes stolen from our garage yesterday morning, I was lucky (?) enough to get my XR400 back, seems the bastards couldn't figure out how to start it because it had been dual sported and has an on/off switch. But my Flame Red 02 Futura and my wifes Kawi EX500, and XR200 are gone.
Bastard's name may be Richard, don't know the last name. I do know that the name of the guy who has my Nextel, also stolen with the bike, is named Richard. Since he's got the phone, I assume he's got the bike too..........In northern Los Angeles area.
Calif. Lic. 16P8634

11-10-2005, 08:06 PM
I just bought a salvage Futura in Oregon with California Salvage title do you have any info on the frame number or engine number? i have an engine that doesn't match, I could check to make sure its not yours.


11-11-2005, 07:47 PM
guess I shouldn't try multi tasking looked at everything but the date :lame: