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Thread: steering alignment ...

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    steering alignment ...

    collected my 01 falco a few weeks ago & LOVE IT.

    not sure who owned it before me so I reset all the suspension settings to factory standard - feels ok - also not sure of when the last fork oil change etc was done ... will send it to Aprilia for a full check up shortly.

    my problem is it feels like the left handlebar/grip is slightly forward compared with the right (maybe 5mm) - i also feel like i'm leaning over to the left in my riding position.

    what's the process for checking if the handlebars/forks are out of whack? and if they are how do i re-align them?

    FYI - I have added a ventura rack (with the Leo Vince pipes in place) - will post pics of install later. OMG those Pipes sound good!!!

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    First off... WAFO... standard forum greeting Congrats on the new purchase... you won't be dissappointed

    The stock clip-ons cannot be rotated on the fork leg as there is a bolt that goes through the clip-on into the bottom of the top triple clamp... unless it was removed... take a look you should be able to see it easily. It's more likely the that bike fell over and the clip-on is bent... try checking it with a straight edge. Is it the right or left one that seems bent? Good luck!

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