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Thread: Variator, roller weights and contra spring mechanics for dummies! Learn how it works

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    Ok - i think im understanding...i will probably stick with the touring pipe for now as I'm pretty new to CVT technology..and getting a 2000rpm clutch?...any direction?
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    motoforce and naraku have cheap ones but the less money you spend the better because... touring class is slow like 60- 80 km/h. sport class is not much better once you start pushing wind.
    midrace has good power but the low end is the worst and the powerband is very short/ only 2000rpm long.
    full race has more lowend than the midrace or atleast as much but the powerband is atleast 4000rpm long.
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    Can anyone answer a question about a clutch for me? I have a 2006 Aprilia SR50 Factory Morini and am looking at clutches , will a 107mm Zuma clutch fit? Dr Pulley HiT 161301

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    I have just scanned through this topic, and one very important point is ignored. Page 1 shows the situation when the bike is idling, with the belt down on the shaft in the variator while it is at the top of its movement in the clutch pulley.

    But when I open the transmission of my Vespa GTS300, it isn't like that. There is too much play in the belt and it doesn't ride anywhere near the shaft. So because the belt is too long, I am not getting down to "bottom gear", and am losing on acceleration. Similarly at top speed when the belt is at the top of the variator it does not go right down to the shaft in the clutch pulley. I expect this is the case with all Aprilias that use the Quasar engine, and probably many other makes as well.

    The solution is simply to fit a shorter belt. The GT200 belt does a pretty good job in the Quasar engine, but one could go a bit shorter still. The result is a lower "low gear" and a higher "top gear", gain at both ends, with the midrange doing business as usual. A bit of fiddling with fuzzy washers is required to ensure that the belt can go down almost to the variator shaft without getting wedged between the pulley halves when the variator is tightened up.

    This worked for me, and my GTS300 now regularly does wheelies on take-off.


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