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Thread: Aprilia Rs250 with Cagiva Mito plus NorthWest200 pics

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    Key Walshe

    Aprilia Rs250 with Cagiva Mito plus NorthWest200 pics

    For those who know me from the boards they'll know I have a Cagiva Mito Evo2 and regularly try to annoy the Rs125 forum with the differences between the 2 bikes :evil: but I've recently made a switch back to Aprilia, after all I did start with one owning an Rs50 for 18 month, as I've recently acquired an Rs250!
    It's a 1998 registered bike (S reg in the UK) though it's a '97 bike, it set me back 1,500, it has 8,000 km's on it, hpi clear (had to double check so i did 2 lol) it has been down but only lightly as it's all straight and also had a decent respray. It comes with lots of carbon goodies including a full exhaust system with carbon cans (I think it's a Lomas one as it looks very similar to some shown recently on the 250 forum as I vaguely remember being told it was a Scorpion one and if I'm right in remembering that's the same as the Lomas system, anyone?!?) It's never been raced and has been very well looked after. It also has more tuning parts though me being me was too excited at the thought of getting on it that I didn't listen so forgot, but going off it's performance compared to our RGV250 track/race bike it's got some power to it! Aswell as the carbon pipes it comes with other carbon bits or 'carbon look' bits which are very thoughtfully placed. It now has an MRA double bubble screen with fading from ARD Racing, and a complete Aprilia Racing ergal screw set for tank, screen and full fairing in red.

    It did need a few parts like a back seat but thanks to beanarillo that was easily found and also some mirrors but got them from Buster's for 12 each (though they are the new style ones they fit the same)

    Excuse the washing hanging up on the line but I forgot t take it down... oops <img src=">

    Here is also some pics from the North West 200 I went to last weekend. I was unable to go on the 250 so took the Mito instead which was fine as I was with my cousin on an Rs125 but also my step-dad and mum on his Suzuki TL1000S!

    People would ask where we'd come from and where amazed when we said Wigan as we where on 125's but it was great fun and I'd certainly do it again! These 2 little bikes got so much attention from everyone, especially with the paint jobs each has making it stand out greatly from standard versions as my cousins Rs125 is the identikit versions and really is bright and makes standard models look very dull in comparison, the pictures don't show just how bright the thing is.... it's luminous!!! It's gotta be the closest Gp replica you can buy as it looks almost identical to Tetsuya Harada's RSV500 from 1999, except his had 375cc more, plus an extra cylinder and about 140 extra bhp

    For a few more pics click here

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    Come on lads just coz it has a mito n tl in as well as the aprilia doesnt mean u dont compliment :P Key know's what i think about them from over msn :P

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    no no, i have to say, mito's are so nice. Even tho my number 1 2 stroker is the rs, I still think the mito is 2nd, NSR 125 comes last on that list.

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    hey up

    you da man key!

    seriosly tho, love your mito, and that priller and that specially the big suzuki, but the mito loks the mutz nutz

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