Hello all,
Went for a lovely little ride this morning. It was a bit chilly and breezy but sunny out. A buddy and I went to the grand opening of Munroe Motors East Bay location in San Leandro. It was a short 30 minute ride down 680 and 24 to the exit to 13. That's where things didn't go according to plan (in a good way) and we ended up in the wrong half of the Caldecott Tunnel. This being the case we missed the southbound exit for 13 and instead ended up on the northbound one (to Berkely). Needless to say I wasn't thrilled but we found a place to turn around and rather than retrace our steps, we turned left on Tunnel Road which is the name of the exit that we missed. The unplanned route turned out to be a curvy, curvy road with armco all down the right side. It wasn't a fast kind of road but slower and more technical. Besides that there was bunch of debris in the road and mud and water in some of the more banked corners. Still it was a nice ride and we popped out on the other side of 24 right along side 13 where we originally intended to be anyway. Once there it was a short ride to the new Munroe's location and there were quite a few bikes out. As expected it was mostly Ducati's but there was a pretty big variety of bikes out. Triumph's, Suzuki's, KTM's, Harley's, BMW's, Kawasaki's and on and on. I think I had the lone Aprilia out there as I didn't see another one. There was an MV 1000 on the Dyno when we got there. That was cool to hear it being redlined and bouncing off the rev limiter. It's not something you get to hear all the time. There was plenty of food too and free t-shirts being given away. There were test rides also but since we got there a bit late and there was only one 999 I didn't do any test rides. We headed back around 1:00 and I was home before 2:00. All in all a pretty good day and a welcome late season ride. XCBRMAN and RickT, you guys missed a decent ride.....maybe next time.....sean