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Thread: FYI...roller weight weight

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    FYI...roller weight weight

    I always wondered what the stock roller weights in my Ditech Scooter I put them on a scale today. Since my roller weights had previously been drilled with a 5/16 inch drill, all I can say for sure is that the drilled weights I have weigh about 9 gms! That sure is a hell of alot more than the aftermarket weights on the forum (6-6.5 gms)! I drilled mine a second time with a 1/2 inch drill and got the weight down to 7.5 gm and the hill climing ability is much improved. I used to have the scooter struggle to maintain 25 mph on the road to my house (a long, steep grade), but this time on the test drive I maintained 35 mph! Considering the speed limit is 25 mph I would say that is adequate, but I am still wondering now about those 6 gm weights. May have to try them!

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    Dutch Royal T

    Lol just for your info: I'm currently on 2.7 gram rollers

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    At what point are they TOO light?

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    When they are too light you loose a lot of top speed.

    But remember that every bike is a little diffrent, and the weight of the rider even seems to effect how good it feels.

    Also it depends on what pipe is on the bike.

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    Dutch Royal T

    Re: Stuff

    In theory it's simple:

    You're engine and pipe have a powerband where they give maximum power. You want your engine to alway operate there. Ok let's say your bikes powerband is 10.000 - 12.000 rpm.

    Now you choose rollers with a weight where your engine operates between 10.000 - 12.000 rpm.

    Your rollers are too heavy when your engine staye below 10.000 rpm

    and too light if they rev your engine above 12.000.

    In both cases your engine operates outside its powerband and you'll never make peak power output.

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    dutch i think you use stock real pully ? maybe thats why you have to go so light

    i got same Evo pipe as yours but got mallosi rear pully

    i tried anything from 2.9 gram to 4 gram and it accelerate hard on any of them but with stock pully i had to run 2.4 to maintain enough RPM

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    Dutch Royal T

    Re: /

    Yes IIPH,

    I do run the stock pulleys. Yeah they suck, but I have to keep em for now. You indeed need very light rollers to maintain RPM + a heavy torque-driver spring. (Evo)

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    Re: /

    I have put an technigas pipe on my bike and i have noticed that i have lost alot of speed so could somebody tel me what roller weights i neeed!!! its starting to piss me off coz i am slowing down alot

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    pipe need more gas to go in so maybe you need to jet the carb first ? by putting a bigger main jet in the carb ..

    also dont that pipe comes with rollers ? is this a NEXT or RS pipe ? specialy with RS pipe you need to tune the carb and clutch to make it really go ..

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    I also bought a technigas "next" pipe for my SR and i lost a ton of power. I went back to stock, I think I'm gonna try a gianelli pipe.


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    Dutch Royal T

    Re: technigas

    Well Technigas is junk in my opinion, but it should do better than your stock pipe. Did you change main jet and changed your rollers and tweeked your clutch?

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    ANY pipe make your scooter go slower unless you tune the carb , clutch and rolers to match with new powerband

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