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Thread: speedometer not working

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    speedometer not working

    Just got the bike back this week from the 600 mile oil change/checkup. Driving last nite and noticed that the speedometer isn't working.

    I'm going on a long ride today. I'll have to take my handheld GPS along to avoid speeding tickets.

    Guess it goes back to the shop tomorrow ...........

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    Speedo not working

    Oh dear - you definitely NOT the first person that its happened to. Hopefully, its still under warranty?

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    Re: Speedo not working

    Check the sensor at the front wheel. Re set the top speed digital and ride to see if it registers a speed.

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    Big Dan: Could you explain a little more?

    Big Dan:

    Thanx for your advice. Could you give me a little more detail on your suggestion? I'd love to save the hassle of dropping it off at the shop again.

    Thanx alot !!!!!!!


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    Re: Big Dan: Could you explain a little more?

    Hi Joe, This is just a try but:
    1. The computer info read ou on the dash which you adjust by mode has several display items you know. Push the mode buttonuntil you get to max speed. Then push th reset on the odometer until the max speed goes to 0. Take bike for ride and see if digital max speed number increases.
    If not, the speed sensor at thefront wheel may not be adjusted right. The rigt frnt disk brake rotor has bolts that hold it on the wheel. The sensor picks up the bolts as they rotate. The sensor is on the same side on the fork. It works like a bicycle digital speedo...Hopefully it is that easy.
    he sensor should very close to the bolts without touching.

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    faulty speed sensor - dealer must order - 1 week delay

    I guess I'll pick up the bike today and try to estimate how fast I'm driving.

    Has anyone else had this sensor fail???

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