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Thread: full kit rearsets

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    full kit rearsets

    I fell off and crashed the left footpegs and the stock rearset which all broke...does anyone know how much will it cost for a new pair of rearstes with footpegs for gears and brake pads feet?
    oh, if anyone wants to sell any stock part i ll be glad to hear..
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    you have to buy the footpegs in a pair(i think about 21) dont know about the rearset(imagine it alot tho)and the levers are about 27.


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    I came off my RS50 yesterday and took out the gearshift rearset, have u had any luck in finding a cheap one? The footpeg snapped and the part where it joins onto the bike snapped but other than that everything is intact. Anyone breaking a bike or with a spare please e-mail me at:


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