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Thread: $$$ Frame polish $$$

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    $$$ Frame polish $$$

    how much should it cost to have the frame polished? The polisher i know charges as follows

    Frame polish $390

    Rim polish $85 Per rim

    Also he offers a teflon finish for like an extra $100

    Are these good prices or bad ones?

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    seems kind of high

    The frame quote seems really high to me. You should offer to provide the frame in the 2 separate halves, that should reduce the price.

    The price per rim seems very good though. In comparison, the rims are actually much harder to polish than the frame, so he should only be charging about $250 tops for the frame.


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    Re: seems kind of high

    does he know u only want the frame faces not the whole webbing? u could prolly leave the webbing if its now all about the wright just looks

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    Re: seems kind of high

    frame polisher??

    just buy a product called Autosol..costs peanuts....brings frame up really nice

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    Re: seems kind of high

    no it wont....

    u need to send it to a polisher to be done.... then u can keep it clean with autosol....

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    Re: seems kind of high

    Looks like a mirror now.

    wait for the pics.

    its sweet as hel l


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    how much...

    how much did ya pay?

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