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Thread: POLL - What h.p. on a dyno?

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    Interested Rider

    POLL - What h.p. on a dyno?

    What horsepower (h.p.) have those of you with rs50s, 70s and 80s had read from a dynojet?

    PS - If you vote 14+ h.p. please list your h.p. and mods -


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    kit 73.5 top performance / mikuni carb / 12,5:1 compr. / Arrow

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    14,38 HK

    On my friend's 98 RS50.

    TP 75, 21mm Mikuni, Hebo Exhaust.

    I've not yet finished my own RS50 project, but as soon as I have I'll post some dyno's.

    - Neser

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    I got just over 13 REAR WHEEL hp out of a ported 68cc Malossi, 21mm carb, Gianelli pipe.

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    micah apriliaforum com

    Here is a local bike dyno graph that belongs to gentleman named Ron Rudd. We dynoed his RS75 on Saturday and here are the results. He is kitted at 75cc TP, old style Arrow pipe, carbon reeds, Barnett clutch, 24mm Mikuni on the old school manifold and not running pre-mix. His big bore kit has around 2,000 street miles of break on it. His bike is very strong (Ed built the motor) and ran very cleanly. This is a baseline before we put on the correct manifold and adapt it to use the airbox again. (spring project) Very strong for a TP/Arrow combo indeed.

    <img src="" style="border:0;"/>

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    micah apriliaforum com

    PS these are Factory Pro dyno number to convert to dynojet numbers just multiply by 1.15 to get the standard number.

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    micah these # are too low ,18 RWHP and 100mph is possible -- need to raise timing on all ports by raising the cylinder 1.5mm and raising the exhaust till its 17 mm from top and keep shorting the header pipe to peak at about 14000 rpm , mahcine the cylinder top to set the squish at .5mm , switch to 28 carb , cut the rib from reed block ..

    a fully preped ysr50 can do 14hp on the rear wheel and its still 50cc and we got 70cc water cooled here

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    Morten Munksgaard

    Take a look at the Topic I've just made, it's called "My RS50 at the Dyno, see the results!"

    I've mannaged to get 14,39 HP out of my RS50!

    <img src="" style="border:0;"/>

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    i'll take mine to a dyno shop in a couple of months

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    excuse me

    sorry for soundin lyk a newbie but wut is 'dyno' or the process of...?

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    rs50 2002

    Re: excuse me

    A dyno helps you tune a vehicle. It shows you a graph of your powerband of hp and torque. It can also show your max speed I believe. The charts above are what your dyno does.

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    micah apriliaforum com

    Re: excuse me

    I just built another RS75 motor that did 12.8 rear wheel. It has a Gianelli pipe and my first totally sealed airbox conversion. It runs slightly rich even on a 190 main jet in a TM24 mikuni carb and pulls all the way out to 13,000 rpm. At 11,000 rpm it makes more than 5 foot pounds more torque than the stocker!

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    Re: excuse me

    lol i cheated <-- put a different motor in it (suzuki rm 250)

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    Re: excuse me

    hey rs50nut how did that conversion work out? and how much money had to flow to get it goin?

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    Re: 15hp

    I only have $800 usd over what the bike cost
    right know wait untill i finnish it

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