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Thread: Whats it Worth ? 98 rs125

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    Whats it Worth ? 98 rs125

    Got a 98 S RS125 Riossi Replica Multicoloured with 4600 on the clock.

    I bought it as a part ex so have no history but in good cond, no cracks or damage to fairing etc and goes like a rocket. just needs a bloody good clean,

    any ideas on price ??

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    Maybe 2100-2000, I cant really say without seen it or furtehr details but by the looks of it 2100 sounds ok.

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    clean it well and you'll get 200 quid more for it

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    Id say around 1800 really. Just sold my immaculate 51reg model for 1900, mine did have high mileage tho.

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