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Thread: Vacuum hoses

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    Vacuum hoses

    While Iím waiting for the TPS to arrive from Italy, Iím going to change out all the vacuum lines.
    My question is what sizes and length do I need? Also, should I change the fittings?
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    I can't imagine that anyone is going to give you a detailed answer to those questions, so short of ordering everything from AF1, if even possible, just take copious photographs of existing line routing/installation and even tag the lines with ID info, then pull them and take all the pieces to a GOOD auto parts store for duplication. Then pay LOTS of attention when installing the new goodies.

    On second thought, there's only a couple sizes of the tubing used, so just go buy a couple feet of each and cut/replace sequentially in lieu of yanking everything off.

    Yes, get the unions/connectors, too.

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