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Thread: Amal 930 Jetting on a '74 Eldorado Police

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    Amal 930 Jetting on a '74 Eldorado Police

    I've got the original 850 engine back in the Eldorado and need some help getting the Amal carbs jetted in correctly. It currently is running a 220 main and 106 needle jet, not sure what throttle needle it has (3 grooves, currently on the middle notch). Start and idle are perfect, initial acceleration is ok but bogs at mid throttle on up. No pinging on throttle application. This set up is the best it has been.

    I tried a 230 main jet and it was too rich. Loaded up the plugs and bogged down mid to full throttle. First and third groove on the needle were too lean and too rich.

    I haven't done anything with the Pilot Jet. Not even sure which one it has.

    This bike has a lot of parts in boxes. VHB carbs that are partially disassembled, throttle cables cut, another set of corroded and disassembled Amals (where I got the other jets 230/105) so I'm not sure what was on the engine originally and don't have a baseline to go from. Aside from trying to figure out new carbs and jetting I'd like to get these Amals running correctly.

    If anyone has a resource (Pete?) that lists the original jetting in the Amals (as a baseline) on 850 Eldorados I'd appreciate it. The engine has new barrels and pistons but is stock displacement. Stock header pipes, no crossover with some aftermarket mufflers.


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    Move needle to bottom slot, try richening up the mid throttle fueling this way, may need to reduce main jet size further if “raising” the needle alone doesn’t fix issue.
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    Thanks guys. I sent Charlie a message. Also ordered a pair of both 190 and 200 main jets.

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