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Thread: My 09 Factory - No Hot Restart

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    My 09 Factory - No Hot Restart

    This bike has less than 10k miles on it, got it last summer. So I decided to find out what my Arrow CF slip-ons sound like with no baffles in them, and pulled those suckers out. Much louder, nice sound but I think they're going back in. On the test run I shut the bike off at a store and when I came back out and started it, I had an engine oil pressure light warning message come on for a few secs before going off. It'd been sitting for a couple hrs at this point. It acted normally otherwise and no further issues.

    Later that afternoon, it started normally with no issues and I went out for another ride. On the way back, I shut it off in a parking lot to check some text messages. When I went to restart, I had normal gauge operation except a big fat "SERVICE" word on the dash and the red triangle on. Engine turned over fine but the bike made no attempt to start. Throttle position while cranking made no difference. Tank was full of fuel. I had no tools with me, but did try unhooking the ECM connectors under the pass. seat to see if that'd clear the codes -- the red triangle came back immediately after the key was cut on. After a few tries over the next 40 mins, I gave up and walked 3 miles home to get my trailer.

    When I got back, I said what the heck and tried it one more time. It instantly started and there was no sign anything had gone wrong. No red triangle, nothing.

    So a couple questions.

    1. Any ideas? I'm not going to trust this bike until I get this figured out. And intermittent problems are the worst.

    2. Is there any way to retrieve whatever the "SERVICE" message or code was? It'd be a step in the direction of figuring this out.

    Thanks for any thoughts / ideas.

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    Hi Joe, are you familiar navigating the dash? Within the service area you can check for dash codes which are also stored in the ecu. The service code is 13432 which will give you access. You can record them, then clear them and see if they come back. If you clear them it will stay recorded in the ecu so a tech can also see them during service. When you tried to restart when hot and it failed, did you notice the fuel pump prime at the turn of the key?

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    Fuel or fire?
    Get a small can of starting fluid, next time it happens shoot some starting fluid in the intake, note the results.
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    Bad oil pressure sensor? I had one go bad intermittently on my 04 RSV factory and it left me stranded a few times before it got sorted.
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    Hey Guys, sorry for the late reply as I've just put in a lot of hours at work and just got back to the interwebz. No I don't know how to navigate the dash, so I'll figure that out and see what the code(s) were. It was pretty late at night so I didn't have access to stores to buy some 2+2, starting fluid, etc. I'm familiar with the process since it's the same one I've used to diagnose fuel problems in automobiles. I don't recall hearing the fuel pump on the bike, so I'll check that out if / when this happens again. Thanks for your input!

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