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Thread: Whats the shortest i can compress the rear spring on a 2017 factory

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    Whats the shortest i can compress the rear spring on a 2017 factory

    The manual says race number is 144mm but i need to lower my sag a bit more, is it 139mm?
    Im sure ive read it somewherebut cant find it

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    Sounds like you need a different shock spring rate. Trying to compensate with too much preload will negatively effect your ride by:
    1. Causing the rear wheel to hop or skip over bumps while decelerating.
    2. Causing the bike to oversteer into corners with the rear end feeling nervous
    3. Causing loss of traction during hard acceleration, especially over rises in the road.
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    sounds more like you've got the wrong spring for your weight.

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    Ive left it at145mm and increased the compression by a bit and lowered the front compression to half way out.
    Since setting rebound correctly at the front it has made t the front feel stiffer.
    The bike seems balanced so will see how i go

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    On both my bikes I have electronic suspension, and in its range there’s a 10mm veriation, if you have an ohlins spring then compressing it more wont change the spring rate, it will only alter the ride height and sag, try altering, measure your rider sag, but more importantly measure your free sag, less than 10mm would indicate you need a heavier rate spring.
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