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Thread: Hi - new memeber here and seeks advice.

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    Hi - new memeber here and seeks advice.

    Can anyone help?
    I have a Shiver 750 and some Akrapovic cans, however, no mid pipe (1 into 2 outlets). I have searched the web for hours and hours, and used Akrapovics part number: L-A7SO4 LINK PIPE.
    Arrow seems to be the 'leader' or 'preferred' after market exhaust supplier for the Shiver....will an arrow mid pipe fit Akrapovic cans??? (the Akrapovic diameter is 51 mm where it should fit into the mid pipe).

    Can anyone suggest a mid pipe?

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    I might buy the Dominator exhaust system for 300, it will all fit together and I will be done with messing around, starting to feel my frustration is overcoming my desire to make the Akrapovics fit.

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    You can also have a midpipe made for your Akras. It really isn't that difficult for a decent exhaust shop. They could even make up the whole length to delete the catalytic converter if you wanted.
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    +1 to HC.
    You will probably need to fit the cans so the mid pipe dimensions can be measured.
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