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Thread: Paggio is killing Aprilia

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    Paggio is killing Aprilia

    Found this article dated about 6 months.

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    Interesting read. I wonder about the whole motobike industry and whether it is sustainable today. When I grew up motorbikes were a cheap way of getting around as well as a vehicle for racing. In the west at least they have become luxury items, relatively expensive and with the amount of traffic nowadays probably more dangerous. It must be difficult for any manufacturer to stay ahead in this market. The Japanese do it but their companies make other things as well, and they have the asian market for small bikes; the European companies are boutique in comparison.


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    Old news really.

    Aprilia can't continue on their existing path for long.
    They've either got to get the customer facing part of their business right...or fold.

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    As much fun bikes are, they are a luxury. Until there is a huge shift in how people think, motorcycles will not be popular. There is a ladder(Walk -> Bicycle -> Motorcycle -> Car), and very few are willing to move downwards unless it is crippling expensive. Asked my wife, and she would not drive a motorcycle to work, almost no matter the cost. Not even during summer. It just goes to show how set in their ways people are. We are willing to work more, so we can drive nicer cars and eat better food where we work, rather than work less and drive eco-friendly and still end up with the same amount of money.

    I donīt think we can blame motorcycle manufacturers for the falling sales, we are just intensely lazy and unwilling to change unless there is something forcing us to do so.

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