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Thread: need help! Just bought a 2001 scaby 150 with 6K miles, not getting up to speed?

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    need help! Just bought a 2001 scaby 150 with 6K miles, not getting up to speed?

    So this is my first scooter purchase. It's a 2001 scarabeo 150 with only 6K miles on it. Starts right up and runs great! There are only 2 problems:

    1.) There is a little lag from starting which I was attributing to the centrifugal clutch needing to engage. The problem is that the scooter will not get up to full speed from what I am hearing the max speed is. It tops out with the throttle half turned and when I give it full throttle it does not go any faster? It tops out at about 50mph. Runs smooth at that speed but I feel like it should be going faster.

    2.) The speedometer is about 10mph off. When I ride with my gps speedometer the scaby speedometer is always 10mph higher than actual speed. So if I'm actually at 40mph, the scaby spedo will read 50?

    Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


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    Here's a previous post of mine:

    "I went thru the same process on my 2003 Scarabeo 150 some time ago. Like yours, mine had been sitting for a long time with no operation. At the time, I elected to have my local scooter shop do all the heavy lifting on a complete refurbishment of the scooter. When the shop finished, the performance of the scooter was very disappointing. Low top speed, slow acceleration, etc. Symptoms very much like yours...

    (Warning, since this was some time ago, my memory could be rusty) When I went to the shop to confer on a possible solution for the problem, I had them remove enough of the panels and the carb intake hose so that the carb slide was visible using a good flashlight. We then put the scooter up on the center stand and WHILE SECURELY RESTRAINING the scooter revved the engine momentarily using full throttle. The slide valve should have opened fully under these conditions, but didn't. The shop discovered that there was an air leak in the diaphragm on the carb slide (or the diaphragm wasn't seated properly on the carb) allowing a loss of vacuum and preventing the slide from fully opening. After resolving the problem, the slide opened fully when viewed with the flashlight.

    My Beo will indicate nearly 80mph on the very optimistic speedo. Using GPS, I go 72 or 73 mph at top speed. Warning, if you do this with any frequency, you'll have major problems. I generally keep my indicted speed below 65 and my scooter is doing just fine. I'd call low speed acceleration brisk and some folks say the 150 is a bit quicker off the line than the 2006 Beo 250."

    The second thing I'd do is to remove any vacuum plumbing that is not directly related to the operation of the fuel petcock and fuel pump. Finally, do a search on the 2001 carb slide problem. You're probably going to want to replace your slide. This was a problem related to the 2001 scooter only and had the potential to do real damage to the engine.

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    Thank you for the quick reply and all the info. I will definitely look into that!

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    Carburetor slide may be broken or diaphragm torn or not seated. Those were pretty quick scoots really.
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    I picked up a 2003 with the same problems you describe you are having, that's why the previous owner was giving it away. I checked the valves and they were too tight and seated the diaphragm properly and all was good. I also replaced the rollers and cleaned the clutch and put a new belt on. It now runs as good as new. All of these things will affect your performance and aren't hard to fix.

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