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Thread: AM6 Crank Removal - Do need to remove the clutch.

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    AM6 Crank Removal - Do need to remove the clutch.

    Hi all. Do I need to remove the clutch to remove the crank on the AM6 engine or can I just undo everything stator side and split the case? I wanted to leave the gearbox and clutch untouched as much as possible and I don't have a clutch removal tool.



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    No you dont... Just split the cases.. They were just well stuck together.

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    well, it's not how i would do it, but it probably can be done
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    Depending on how new everything is this would be a good opportunity to inspect and clean everything. It's also a good time to do some clutch upgrades, which may be necessary depending on the top end you have chosen to install. But like Matt said it can be done.

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